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Flying with Fairchild PT-19; A real simulation


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by: Farhad Mashregh-Zamini


UJS Fairchild PT-19 is here! A production by Uncle Jack Simulation at X-Aviation.

If you have set your plane to "Start with engines running" in X-Plane 11, immediately after uploading plane, you will encounter a crash!

Starting the PT-19 is not as easy as you think!

First you have to turn off Automatic start in aircraft settings.

Then, in the right side of the cockpit, there is a Manual that you have to click on it.

When this manual is opened, you can choose the "Automatic Engine Start" from there, and your adventure with this beautiful airplane begins.

If you are not a patient pilot and want to fly this Popular World War II trainer aircraft right away, and you don’t have time to read the POH and learn how to control this Taildragger aircraft on the ground, you need to disable the Truevintage and set the Tailwheel to Always Locked, then you may be able to take off and land safely.

Flying with this aircraft is really a challenge that shows what the difference is between a Game and a Flight simulator.



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