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  1. Hi. Thanks for the new version 1.6 of Saab. This version is super but unfortunately the landing gear knob from loghitech Flight Switch Panel does not work with it. Thank you for your attention. Farhad
  2. by: Farhad Mashregh-Zamini UJS Fairchild PT-19 is here! A production by Uncle Jack Simulation at X-Aviation. If you have set your plane to "Start with engines running" in X-Plane 11, immediately after uploading plane, you will encounter a crash! Starting the PT-19 is not as easy as you think! First you have to turn off Automatic start in aircraft settings. Then, in the right side of the cockpit, there is a Manual that you have to click on it. When this manual is opened, you can choose the "Automatic Engine Start" from there, and your adventure with this bea
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