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[SOLVED] AWOS not working in any aircraft

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I have XP11.41 with FS Global Real Weather, Skymaxx Pro v4, and Real Weather Connector. 

I disabled PilotEdge plugin, and I tried disabling other plugins with no positive results

I can hear ATC if I enter a flight plan or tune to one of their frequencies, but I can never get AWOS when I tune the appropriate frequency (tried at towered and non-towered airports). Am I missing a setting?


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I figured it out. I'm using Reality XP GTN750 and it auto-loads frequencies. These frequencies closely match the real frequencies that I see in Foreflight.

I recently discovered the "Details" tab when clicking on the airport inside of the X-plane map. It lists communications frequencies. Thus while the AWOS for my airport in real life is 121.45, X-plane uses AWOS 3, which is 133.82. In short, there's nothing wrong with my system, I was just using incorrect frequencies, muddied a bit by the mismatch between Reality XP GTN/GNS and X-plane. But now that I know, its totally worth having the Reality XP plugins (love them). 

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