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General Aviation - TorqueSim BN-2 Islander Channel Islands Aviation (US) N55JA

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TorqueSim BN-2 Islander Channel Islands Aviation (US) N55JA

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There are two versions of this paint included.  The 2005 version has just a small logo on the tail, whereas the current version has a bunch of additional decals.

About N55JA:

Channel Islands Aviation is based in Camarillo, CA (KCMA) and operates this BN-2 Islander to dirt airstrips located on three of the California Channel Islands: Santa Cruz, San Miguel, and Santa Rosa.  Access to these islands is very limited as they are designated as a nature preserve, and CIA is the only civil operator permitted to land aircraft on the islands.  Aside from bringing limited numbers of tourists, CIA's BN-2 is important to the scientists and Park Rangers who work on the islands.

Normal runs are made from KCMA (if you have GPB500's CMA scenery...their FBO next to the restaurant at the SE corner), but KOXR and KSBA are close to the islands, too.  CIA does offer the aircraft for charter, so it would also be reasonable to fly to the islands from anywhere in SoCal.  If you like to be realistic with online ATC, call yourself CHN55 ("Channel 55").

Grab these nice sceneries for the islands below.  A couple of these strips are much more challenging than the others...

Santa Cruz Island Conservancy

CA97 (Santa Cruz)

Santa Rosa

San Miguel


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