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TBM cockpit dimensions

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I'm just starting a project to build a TBM 900 cockpit in my basement.  I'm trying to build a fairly realistic setup with mostly true dimensions.  I can't find any true measurements online.  I basically used dimensions I know of the garmin units and worked it backwards.  It looks like the dash is about 1181mm wide.  Does anyone fly or have access to a real TBM?  Does anyone know the distance from the bottom of the main dash panel to the floor and the bottom of the navigational compass (window pillar) to the floor.  I'm going to start building a mock up with light boards.  I created this image in photoshop this weekend.  Using a projector I plan to throw it up on a piece of wood where I can trace it and cut it out.  Some of the garmin dimensions are slightly large as I do not know which company I plan to buy the g 1000 from (so many out there, realsimgear, noble flight, aviatek, virtual fly, brunner, etc.).  Thanks for any input.  Pat

tbm 900 dash for home sim small.jpg

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wow, it looks great! Will be building similar dash. I will go from the size of 15 inch touch monitors that i will use for the Garmin's and go from there to build around for the other avionics. I can totally use your overall draft as a template. Since replicas G1000's are pretty pricey i will use the pop outs from the 3d panels on touchscreens to operate garmins and perhaps build up controls based on Arduino boards and such. 

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