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Being new to XP and Updating XP

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Hi everyone,

I’m very new to XP, I’ve had p3d for a while now, but I feel I’m definitely jumping ship here...(honestly..I can’t even boot it up anymore, which is a shame because I do love it along with all my addons for it) anyway..

I’m not all that clued up yet, I got the hang of Ortho4xp and mesh HD today, and can’t wait to make more (can’t believe it’s free...it blows my mind).

So..I need help

when it comes to updating XP, do I lose all my scenery that I’ve installed and added? Or can someone tell me what I lose when I update? Do I have to reinstall everything etc?

any light on this would be greatly appreciated as I’m a little lost

Many thanks


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Hi Nick,

the update process will never delete anything you made yourself or downloaded. It will only "overwrite" the files it considers X-Plane´s own, native files. But even if you have changed those, it will always ask you if you want it to overwrite those.

To access betas (like the current 11.33b1) you have to manually run the installer file and check the box for "betas".

Cheers, Jan


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Thank you for the information.

Im actually so happy about that too, full reinstall on P3D you lose all scenery..and Orbx scenery takes so long to reinstall etc. Either that or there’s something I’m not doing right. 

But anyway. I just wanted to know for future reference. 

Thanks again Jan.


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Hey Nick,

I have not used P3d since June 2018. XP is much more open (even if not freeware) and flexible. The only problem is for aircraft designers, when Austin changes the flight model parameters every update, they have to patch things ;-). But I like the wind-tunnel concept more than the look-up table concept.

Sceneries have catched during the past year. And the IXEG 737 is a serious bird. we can't fly as fast as in an NG aircraft, but it's solid work.


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