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X-A Licensing/Activation trouble


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Long ago, I got the LES DC-3 as a birthday present from my brother,

his X-A account (he doesn't even have X-Plane),

his mailadress for activation of course (why not)...

Now I purchased the C310 from my own account and the trouble began:

I can't activate it and got not the slightest clue how to get rid of the registration of the

obsolete DC-3 (hope the new one will finally be available) and "other user" from my machine...

What do I have to do with the license ID X-A sent me?

Is this a ticket for an audition ?

(something different than the automatic response without any further support... :angry:)

The Gizmo DRM might not be the worst, but when you get in trouble it....

Thanks for your attention and please be so kind to apologize my terrible english.


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