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No Engine Start

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Am I alone in being unable to start the engine?  I have tried the tutorial method and the manual method to no avail.  I am using the latest 0.2 version.  I have just spent another hour trying to start the engine without any success.  The engine does not start even when selected to start on loading.  This is an expensive aircraft and I am keen to get it into the air.  All my other X-Aviation products are excellent and I am hoping that this aircraft will be as good when I can get it to start.  I have just added a further log.txt.  This time the sim crashed shortly after loading.


I have persevered with this aircraft and managed to overcome the starting problem - a fault in the engine now fixed.  There is a lot to learn about this aircraft, all of it pretty good.  It flies very well and is a pleasure to use.  Well worth the money and effort in learning all about it.

Log.zip  Log1.zip

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Update of problem
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Hi !

Problem solved for me by disconnecting my Saitek Panel... :D  The panel is the source of a lot of others  problems like :

- not be able to start the plane without GPU
- no low voltage indication
- no xpdr
- no nav2 and com2,
- ....

  Thanks guys for this amazing work ! 




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