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Engine behavior issues

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When advancing the throttles, it seems that the response is minimal until the throttles get half way open, then the engines start to respond. I have linear curves set, and I checked it with two different controls. On takeoff, if I set power to say 42 inches MP, then as the aircraft accelerates the MP will creep up to 45 inches or more. The RPM never gets above 2500, it should be able to reach 2700 at takeoff power. The RPM also changes a little with MP changes, as though the governors are not working right.

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Goran has rightly asked me to check with him on aircraft changes before posting here, for support reasons, which I completely understand.  With a couple of minor changes to the model, the throttle response and engine behavior can be made more realistic. I have removed the specifics here even though he didn't specifically ask me to do it. I'll send my discoveries to him privately.

Edited by Bob Denny
removed Plane-Maker adjustments for throttle response and engine behavior
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