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prepurchase question


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Hello Jrollon,

first of all congratulations for your work, I'm a fellow 3d artist and flight sim enthusiast myself and really love your creations.

I've been thinking about getting the javelin for a while now, being into warbirds and it remarkably reminding me of one.

However it doesn't say anywhere whether it comes with normal maps or not (perhaps a future update?).

Also does it fly well on 9.6+, being the latest updates for 9.4+ and all :-)

Lastly congrats on the t34c, it looks fantastic!

Regarding aircrafts to make next, I think military cargo aircrafts haven't taken enough attention in x-plane.

My favourite being the C27J spartan, orm mini herc as they call it, with amazing amazing performance, including aerobatics for a dual engine light cargo.





do you work for a 3D company?

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yes yes.. it has inside and little outside normal maps.. and yes.. it fly perfectly on last version of x-plane.. and even I have tested on x-plane 10 made some little changes and it is flying perfectly there.

Now you are just teasing us. :)

All the best!


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at cw7:

without taking anything away from Paolo's amazing work, jrollon's results would be of the highest payware level.

I didn't know about Vic's spartan, it sounds great! the alterna rework was fantastic.

at japo32:

well I might have to treat myself to a javelin then!

now all I need is to decide whether the t34c or javelin eheh!

Just FYI, Vic Kabernique was reportedly working on the C27J. He did the Avanti Alterna revision at the org and has a good working knowledge of turbo-props. He started on the Spartan last Spring.

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