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IXEG 737-300 Screen Freezing After Takeoff in XP11b2

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Hey guys,

Figured I'd post, of course it's a beta and the 737 is not yet optimised for XP11, but I'll share anyway. 

After takeoff in the 737 with the FMC set up, the sim will begin completely freezing every 2 or so seconds FOR a second or two, indefinitely. It's essentially like watching a slideshow. It's not an fps drop, it's as if the sim is completely locking up. I've been unable to recreate this problem with any other aircraft, either stock or add-on, however this is the only aircraft I use the FMC with (aside from the stock 737), and when I haven't used the FMC the problem doesn't appear. 


Again, not expecting anything in the immediate future, fully aware it's pre-release yada yada... 



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Yeah, it's definitely not AV scanning or HIPS or anything. It's pretty predictable for me: If I start a flight at KPSP, for example, and load in with the engine on and ready to go and at the runway (31L in the example) and immediately take off, it's fine. 

If, however, I load into a gate (gate 6 in my example) and go through startup procedures, FMC programming, taxiing, et al., at ~500ft I get these freezes. This is with stock XP11, no other addons have ever been installed on this system. 

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