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no overcast


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Good evening,

Im having am issue where SMP does not draw an OVC layer at all. 

this is the METAR at KILM 

RWC settings are automatic, and never change visible weather is not selected, Cloud coverage is set to medium and Overcast representation is set to dense particles

Thank you in advance, i mainly use the sim to practice approaches, so having proper overcast layers is very important to me 

thank you again for the product








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There is two items you can change that should get you going.

Go to settings/ Operation /Warnings Then startup box/ Discard change preferences   Add check mark in that box

Never change visible weather in RWC add check mark in that box.

Restart xplane and fs global weather/

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Just tested using your METAR.rwx file at KILM here, and overcast clouds did appear. Try jujub's suggestion, or it may be that you're not using the latest SkyMaxx Pro version. Make sure you have version 3.3.2 installed; there was one earlier version that didn't work with FSGRW.

FSGRW has also had some updates recently that you'll want to be sure to have as well.


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