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XplaneCON Annual Convention


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It is time to get the X-PlaneCON annual convention going.  There is a new facebook page to discuss this but also would love to discuss here on this thread. We need opinions, comments and even volunteers to make this annual show work.

XplaneCON is going to happen. If you are interested in attending this annual event your opinions and comments are welcome on the new XplaneCON facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/xplanecon/

There is a poll on the facebook page about possible dates.  The location has been decided, it will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chime in here or there if you think you would attend the event. Chime in here with suggestions on what you would like to see at the event.

Thanks for any comments, suggestions and interest.

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I'd love it if HADG could get a booth there somehow. I would do whatever I have to to get there, and we've got some new and exciting things happening. This Friday I'm going to an airport in MD to get a whole ton of measurements of the RV-14, and after that happens we can start to really make some progress.


PS: Our website is in my signature, as of 1808z today I am working on updating the site.

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We are looking for a web designer who will make a page for the con and a registration page.  Thanks for your interest. And Vette, yes would love to see you there. March is looking like it will win the vote so we have time to get the plans in place. 

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