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Jetstream 32 FSM Profile Maneuvers

Per request from several members I am providing a copy of the J32 regional airline profiles maneuvers published from the J32 Flight Standards Manual.

ACA Flight Standards Manaual - Chapter 17

Flight Profiles:

  • Normal and Instrument Takeoff
  • Noise Abatement Takeoff
  • Aborted Takeoff
  • Takeoff - Engine Failure After V1
  • Visual Pattern - All Engines Operative
  • Visual Pattern - One Engine Operative
  • Visual Pattern - Flaps Inoperative
  • All Engines Operative ILS Approach
  • One Engine Operative ILS Approach
  • High Speed ILS/Field Conditions VMC
  • All Engines Operative Non-Precision Approach
  • One Engine Operative Non-Precision Approach
  • All Engine Circling Approach
  • One Engine Circling Approach
  • Landing Without Direct Elevator Control
  • All Engine Operative Go Around/Missed Approach
  • One Engine Operative Go Around/Missed Approach


  • Steep Turns
  • Emergency Descent

Approach To Stalls:

  • Approach To Stall - Cruise Configuration
  • Approach To Stall - Takeoff Configuration
  • Approach To Stall - Landing Configuration

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