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C56 - Bult Field Monee, IL 1.0.2

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About This File

I present to you C56, Bult Field. A romantic lovely little gem of an airfield tucked just 30 miles South of the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago, Illinois. Years ago I had the pleasure of working a dream job. I was an aerial pipeline observer for an oil and gas aviation outfit in Conroe, Texas. My job was to take photos of the pipeline "right of way" while doing 2.5G turns around a point. It was a rodeo of a job, running into hangars, a few near misses with towers and other aircraft and several VFR into IMC events.

I learned so much in this job (what to do and not to do) and it is partly what led me into aircraft development for X plane. This airfield was a savior many times. Once done running the very busy pipeline just under the Chicago Class B airspace at about 500' AGL this was our rest stop. Microwavable hamburgers, sausage egg and cheese sandwiches and burritos. With a nice spread of candies and soft drinks. The pilot diet. 

This "terminal" (mansion) contains a full movie theater, full restaurant grade kitchen, amazing WWII museum and vacant offices where a rest can be had. The story goes the original owner, Billionaire Mr. Bult, built this mansion and field for himself and eventually for some reason or another sold it to the State of Illinois where it waits for the day to start serving regional customers.


Installation goes the same as with any other scenery. Extract the folder then drag and drop it into the custom scenery folder. 

Performance issues are possible. This was built over the last few years in my free time and I quickly wrapped things up over the last few nights and this has not been tested on any lower end machines. There are most likely a few initial bugs and If there is a frame rate issue I might be able to whip out a lite vegetation version. Let me know!

Required libraries: OpensceneryX & MisterX library


RIP Mr. Ted Sanders. You were a fine gentlemen helping us with our issues every time we came in and had a great sense of humor. Thanks for proving me right about how to land a 182 properly.  









What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


PBR fixes, hidden taxiway and apron fixed. 
HOTFIX 1.0.2 https://mega.nz/file/CR5BjAhB#x15-PqBv8918Mal8W84tLQFeMJ9syFWuiN58jX44Ub8

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The scenary is awesome, well done!

Just a minor bug: the pavement under the ortho obj is missing and all the main apron and taxiways are gravel made.

Edited by paolodett
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9 hours ago, paolodett said:

The scenary is awesome, well done!

Just a minor bug: the pavement under the ortho obj is missing and all the main apron and taxiways are gravel made.

Fixed, sry, I hid the taxiway/apron while editing. Grab the hotfix!

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