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  1. Hi, Having difficulty assigning a button on my joystick to the TOGA button in XP11 for the B733. I can find the generic set TOGA power but it appears not to work on the IXEG. Any ideas or am I not looking in the correct place? I saw a few xp10 posts from last year but couldnt find anything more recent. Loving the aircraft as well. Thanks Scott
  2. Key binding

    Hello, I'd like to thank you also for your great work, this plane is fantastic! I have a question, I didn't manage to use the speedbreak lever through my keyboard, despite a correct binding in the parameter and a correct functioning in the others aircraft. I've seen you have a special binding for the IXEG 737, but the speed break lever isn't there. Is there a way to use it/arm it through the keyboard? Thanks you a lot