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  1. Hello, I recently purchased the IXEG 737 for X-PLANE 10 and until a few days ago, it worked great. However, after I installed the windows creator update, I receive the following error in the gizmo console on loading the aircraft: 220.032 Load script: extensions/GateKeeper/GateKeeper.lua.gfys: [string "extensions/GateKeeper/GateKeeper.lua.gfys"]: 599: attempt to index local 'json_resp' (a number value) This prevents me from using the aircraft. I tried reinstalling the product, but it did not help. I also tried to look at the gatekeeper file, but its not in a human readable format. On the right side, I also get an error saying "No ACF Loader. Please re-install Gizmo". I tried reinstalling Gizmo to no avail. (See attached image).I don't see any issues with any of my other add-ons. Here's my hardware specs if you need it: CPU: i5 6600K GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1070 Let me know if you need more information. Please help, thanks!