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  1. henrimarch

    question about second computer

    Thanks Cameron, now I wait impatiently on all the computer parts. Piet
  2. henrimarch

    question about second computer

    I am planning to build me a new computer, but I want first to test this one thoroughly before decommision the old one. Is it possible to install all my x-aviation products on the second computer without deinstalling them on my original computer so in case of emergency I don't loose the pleasure of flying. Thanks Piet.
  3. henrimarch

    1.0.5 no more Airbus extended CORoute (.flp) ?

    Thanks Tchou, yes I am famous for that, also for trying to connect a ssd drive up side down and wondering why it isn't working.
  4. henrimarch

    1.0.5 no more Airbus extended CORoute (.flp) ?

    I entered this as a flightplan: KSFO CZQ J110 FUZZY KLAS and got the message file type not supported, see also attached file ? I am not sure why ? ksfoklas.flp
  5. henrimarch

    Constant stuttering / freezes.

    Do you use Control Pad (iPad app for x-plane) ? That's giving me stutters, but as said above there are more possiblities.
  6. henrimarch

    Unable to fly more than 10 mn

    I noticed you use a xsaitekpanels.ini version 2.51, but the plugin itself is version 2.50. Perhaps that's causing the crash. I use xsaitekpanels plugin soo far without crashes.
  7. henrimarch

    FMC kg and meters

    Yes I realized this after I posted this, because also all the charts are in feet, I think. You would create chaos if it came with two versions. Thanks for the reply.
  8. I don't know if this is the right place for this question, so if not excuse me. In the preferences you can set FMC inputs to kg and meters, however the Flight Level entry must be entered in feet. Is this intentional ? Piet.
  9. To answer my own question, I figured it out how it works, it's possible
  10. Is it possible to control the carb heat and oil vent levers with the help off the flywithlua plugin in combination with the saitek throttle quadrant levers ?
  11. Well it turned out it's not the hardware with the plugins. I saw the other thread about this and read it was solved with version 1.5.1 but I have the same symptoms at least under Windows 64 bits, X-plane 10.25. I read the workaround about save the flight plan and then load it again. I found another way, using the FMC programmer plugin, if I create a flight with this plugin all is well, the plane stays on course.
  12. Yes the AFCS box does show green GPS letters when deviation occurs, but thanks for your answer, I shall disable the hardware and begin testing without it. But I would miss them if this would be the problem.
  13. I have followed the training tutorial but after passing the DSD VOR the plane starts slowly to deviate from course. This is under Windows, under OSX the plane stays on course. But I must mention that the windows machine has more USB hardware, i.e. saitek panels and such, also more plugins are loaded. The course information is correct and doesn't change but what is changing is the middle HSI bar in the GPS mode. When I switch to HDG and alter to the right course this bar is aligning itself, but as soon as I switch back to NAV mode the deviation begins and sometimes this bar is changing to the other side as does the plane. Is there something in particular that I can begin to exclude to see what's wrong. Thanks Piet.
  14. henrimarch

    question about x-aviation installations

    Thank you for your explanation, I keep it in mind.
  15. I have several x-aviation products installed under windows 7 64 bits, but now I want to change the boot-drive and leave the x-plane directory intact. Do I have to reinstall the x-aviation products, I don't know exactly what these installers do (registry settings etc..) ? Thanks Piet.