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  1. looks like it was the ai traffic. thanks anyone who helped <3
  2. Ye that was my bad. I was normally flying on vatsim so didnt see the ai traffic. Will disable and remove all plugins from the folder. Thanks for the advice :))
  3. Disabled all plugins and not fixed, I got a CTD The log is there if that's of any use. Log.txt
  4. No I don't. I think it might have been NOAA plugin causing it. Not sure yet haven't had time to test. Thanks for your suggestion
  5. ye have already tried a few. will keep removing more and see if it fixes the problem
  6. Hmm. Tried a few different things and nothing seems to be helping I dont think its plugins anyway.
  7. Searched the forums for the keywords. found some potential fixes will try and see how it goes.. Thanks
  8. It always lags. Doesnt matter what area. AI is off but on Vatsim network. I lower my rendering settings but it doesnt make a difference. Other aircraft are fine as far as I know. I have a few plugins but nothing huge.
  9. Basically, I get stutters every few seconds. some are only minor but some are making it essentially unplayable. Thanks in advance.
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