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  1. Liveries request

    Hey Dhruv, Great to hear, and thanks! Jim
  2. Liveries request

    Can someone please do the Southwest "Arizona One" livery, tail number N383SW? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Southwest-Airlines/Boeing-737-3H4/724092
  3. Livery List & Requests

    How about Southwest Airlines "Arizona One" livery, originally on tail number N383SW (B737-300)?
  4. Analog Gauges

    Hi - I bought this amazing plane a couple weeks back (held out a LONG time!), and I would LOVE to see the full implementation of a steam gauge panel, as this is what Southwest's remaining B733s have (they've mothballed their B735s by now, I think). PLEASE do a full steam gauge cockpit! I'm having a blast with this plane! Thanks, Jim
  5. Boeing b-29 superfortress

    Wow, having just seen FIFI fly today @ KCMA, I'm so glad you're doing a B-29 for XPX! The progress shots look GREAT!