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  1. SWA4420

    A FULL "steam gauge" panel option?

    Hi Jan, Thanks for replying, and I do understand that it would require very in-depth work, but wow, it would be GREAT, as nobody else has done it....(guess there's not much hope, so I won't hold my breath ) Thanks, Jim
  2. Hi - I love this fantastic plane, and I would love it even more if you guys could add the option to have a full steam gauge cockpit, the configuration that Southwest Airlines used in their -300 and -500 models. No developer has done this, with the exception of the default B735 in AeroflyFS2, and it would be GREAT if you guys at IXEG would do it! Thanks, Jim
  3. SWA4420

    Livery List & Requests

    Southwest Arizona One (N383SW)?.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Southwest-Airlines-B737-Arizona-One-livery-poster-/182476872305?rmvSB=true
  4. SWA4420

    Liveries request

    Hey Dhruv, Great to hear, and thanks! Jim
  5. SWA4420

    Liveries request

    Can someone please do the Southwest "Arizona One" livery, tail number N383SW? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Southwest-Airlines/Boeing-737-3H4/724092
  6. SWA4420

    Livery List & Requests

    How about Southwest Airlines "Arizona One" livery, originally on tail number N383SW (B737-300)?
  7. SWA4420

    Analog Gauges

    Hi - I bought this amazing plane a couple weeks back (held out a LONG time!), and I would LOVE to see the full implementation of a steam gauge panel, as this is what Southwest's remaining B733s have (they've mothballed their B735s by now, I think). PLEASE do a full steam gauge cockpit! I'm having a blast with this plane! Thanks, Jim
  8. SWA4420

    Boeing b-29 superfortress

    Wow, having just seen FIFI fly today @ KCMA, I'm so glad you're doing a B-29 for XPX! The progress shots look GREAT!