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  1. SWA4420

    Livery List & Requests

    Thanks, Nick!
  2. SWA4420

    Livery List & Requests

    LOL, Nick! I hear you....yeah, I'm sure it would be a challenge to do that one, but I've asked for it before on this thread (several years ago), and nobody has done it....I have zero experience with livery painting myself.... Jim
  3. SWA4420

    Livery List & Requests

    How about SWA's "Arizona One" repaint.....please?!!!
  4. SWA4420

    Plane not tracking LNAV in 11.32r2?

    Hi Jan - I've tried activating the AP immediately upon takeoff then hitting LNAV and VNAV, and it seems to do better...past couple of flights have gone OK. With VNAV, I've found that if an attitude is listed as 20000A, the plane will not descend unless I change it to /20000, and do it for all "A" restrictions listed, the plane will recalculate to hit those altitudes on descent to follow the profile correctly....more testing/flights to come! Thanks, Jim
  5. SWA4420

    Plane not tracking LNAV in 11.32r2?

    Hi Tony - yes, I have the full goflight airliner captain setup including trim wheels. I also have a switch on my yoke for stab trim and one for aileron trim. I'll do another flight and if this happens again, I'll try your idea... Thanks, Jim
  6. SWA4420

    Plane not tracking LNAV in 11.32r2?

    Hey Jan - OK - some more weirdness.... 1. sometimes the trim wheel sound is constant when it's hardly moving or not moving. 2. last two flights, VNAV was buggy - had to switch to VS 3. last flight - LNAV was problematic....it seems that it doesn't like to track more than a 90 degree turn after takeoff....last flight was a 180 turn once airborne. Specs: XP11.32r2, Win7-64, 16GB RAM, GTX 970 w/4GB VRAM, 3.5Ghz intel CPU. Jim
  7. SWA4420

    Plane not tracking LNAV in 11.32r2?

    OK, thanks Jan, and I'll let you know if further issues crop up. As we know, XPlane is an ever-evolving platform, keeping you devs on your toes! Jim
  8. Hi Litjan - my B733 is not tracking LNAV in the latest release of XP11.32r2. VNAV works fine, but not LNAV, and yes, I am very familiar with "flying" a B733 I have to use HDG select to for lateral tracking. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks, Jim EDIT - I did another flight, and it worked correctly...weird. XPlane did hang on exit, though...had to use WTM to end the process. QUESTION - is it possible to stop the FOV from resetting to 60 degrees whenever I switch views from external back into the cockpit? I have a 3 monitor setup and use 115 degrees for my FOV across all 3 screens.
  9. SWA4420

    A FULL "steam gauge" panel option?

    Hi Jan, Thanks for replying, and I do understand that it would require very in-depth work, but wow, it would be GREAT, as nobody else has done it....(guess there's not much hope, so I won't hold my breath ) Thanks, Jim
  10. Hi - I love this fantastic plane, and I would love it even more if you guys could add the option to have a full steam gauge cockpit, the configuration that Southwest Airlines used in their -300 and -500 models. No developer has done this, with the exception of the default B735 in AeroflyFS2, and it would be GREAT if you guys at IXEG would do it! Thanks, Jim
  11. SWA4420

    Livery List & Requests

    Southwest Arizona One (N383SW)?.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Southwest-Airlines-B737-Arizona-One-livery-poster-/182476872305?rmvSB=true
  12. SWA4420

    Liveries request

    Hey Dhruv, Great to hear, and thanks! Jim
  13. SWA4420

    Liveries request

    Can someone please do the Southwest "Arizona One" livery, tail number N383SW? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Southwest-Airlines/Boeing-737-3H4/724092
  14. SWA4420

    Livery List & Requests

    How about Southwest Airlines "Arizona One" livery, originally on tail number N383SW (B737-300)?
  15. SWA4420

    Analog Gauges

    Hi - I bought this amazing plane a couple weeks back (held out a LONG time!), and I would LOVE to see the full implementation of a steam gauge panel, as this is what Southwest's remaining B733s have (they've mothballed their B735s by now, I think). PLEASE do a full steam gauge cockpit! I'm having a blast with this plane! Thanks, Jim