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  1. jvp89

    Any news on TBM 2.0.

    hello there, Its been a while, You have any update on the ongoing work for 2.0, some sweets you wan't to share? ;) cheers
  2. Many thanks, glad to help improving "the Beast"!
  3. jvp89

    Timer forgets hourly transfer

    Jezz, busted!
  4. Looks like the manufacture(hotstart) should send his customers a FOTL for the issues in the sdby alt. And perhaps implement a new procedure to minimize the wear of the part.. mine showing that Report, I could get about 15amps from it.. not the best cause if the main fails the sdby makes the Battery discharging slowly... or else send a corrected and reinforced updated part to its customers... cheers
  5. jvp89

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    That could be too much, perhaps more easy set Would be making a standard price for international, regional, county, principal, and small fields. Just a thought..
  6. jvp89

    CTD on pilotedge

    Hello, today x-plane CTD on pilotedge, I tried to resume the flight but in the air the engine flame out.. whats should be the procedure to recover the flight? after that the plane engine during airstart had over temp and engine fire
  7. jvp89

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    That could be one nice upgrade for 1.2 version since the fuel its not coming cheap these days..
  8. I think It could be a bug because I never tested the Sdby Gen and the plane as you can see have only 36Hrs of use.
  9. Hello, just to comfirm... I believe e didn't do nothing wrong and I believe that I didn't use the standby alternator..... I'm flying with Pilotedge... did perhaps they put the malfunction?? Just to make sure Its not me and its something else.. Cheers!!
  10. jvp89

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Lets just hope that it remains true to the real thing.. instead of minimizing the swerve for the simmers getting happy.
  11. jvp89

    Bose Headset

  12. jvp89

    Bose Headset

    jezz way too much detail, but thats right! Don't forget about the yellow jacket to hang in the back of the seat to walk around in the apron.
  13. jvp89

    Fuel Calculations

    The last build 1.1.8 shows the same issue about the fuel remaining.. thankfully we do calculations of fuel, but thats a nice thing to have.... I like to adventure in the deep and far NAT on a single engine turboprop and it a nice to have when you have 50Kts headwind and you need to confirm if could reach your destination. Cheers!!!
  14. jvp89

    Unable install 1.0.8 on a Mac

    It shows the same, “impossible to mount the file system “
  15. jvp89

    Unable install 1.0.8 on a Mac

    Thanks, I’ll try.