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  1. deltapilot90

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    I was not aware of the tablet icon. So now I have tablet. Reversers work once started as well as beta mode. Thank you for the quick response in helping me with this matter. Apologies if I missed the documentation that covered the tablet icon location I do not recall reading it anywhere but most likely was an oversight on my end. Outstanding work!
  2. deltapilot90

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    I had to install the gizmo that was provided in extra files in order for avionics to work. however since then I am unable to see or use the avitab tablet. I have the latest avitab plugin as well. I'm guessing due to no tab I am also unable to assign thrust reverser. Anyone else experiencing this? I also tried assigning key commands and still no luck. No Tab visible in cockpit after installing gizmo from extra files and no thrust reverser capability.
  3. deltapilot90

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Thank you very much!
  4. deltapilot90

    General Aviation - P.180 Avanti II

    Amazing! Thank you!!
  5. deltapilot90

    General Aviation - P.180 Avanti II

    Please consider a LBS option for the Non Euro pilots. I am truly in awe of your efforts and thank you many times over for your donation to our community.
  6. deltapilot90

    P.180 Avanti II

    I've scrolled through the entire thread before posting and could not find any mention on the inability to reverse thrust using "toggle thrust reversers key". i tried assigning multiple keyboard commands without luck. IF however I click and drag the throttles move to reverse BUT then its difficult to put it back to idle which causes the plane to veer off the runway. If no one is experiencing this then its on my end.
  7. deltapilot90

    Flaps & Hydraulic systems

    Any luck on this discovery?
  8. You tried turning the IRS to OFF then back to NAV and also putting in the new airports in? Tristan
  9. deltapilot90

    [CLOSED] CRJ 200 1.4.1 crash

    Cameron, I read the manuals I flew out of Midway thinking the legs would show and nothing. Maybe the answers to these crashes are in the manuals I'll re read them all. Thanks for your patience Tristan.
  10. deltapilot90

    [CLOSED] CRJ 200 1.4.1 crash

    Not quite understanding how the NavData causes the FMS to stay on when all power is off along with the MAP mode not displaying the legs only the PLAN mode? I have no plugins except the CRJ-200 (Gizmo) and X plane required plug ins. Tristan
  11. deltapilot90

    [CLOSED] CRJ 200 1.4.1 crash

    Here are pictures of my problem and the logs. Tristan crash_log.txt Cycle Dump.txt Log.txt
  12. deltapilot90

    [CLOSED] CRJ 200 1.4.1 crash

    Removed all Plugins and still crashing when selecting a SID along with the FMS not coming off when Battery is OFF and the MFD/PD not coming on when APU GEN or AC Power is applied. Yes I know the correct procedures on applying power to the aircraft she worked fine before 1.4.1 At this time I only have the x plane required plug ins. still no luck. Tristan.
  13. Tried the method and still crashing when selecting a SID along with that the FMS is ON when Battery is OFF and still nothing showing in Map Mode only PLAN mode. Tristan
  14. Is this still 1.4.0? I downloaded the file on X Aviation after the green light was given roughly 2 hours ago and my FMS status says "1.4 e-065d16". Hopefully it is 1.4.0 which can explain the crashes Ive been getting. Tristan
  15. deltapilot90

    [CLOSED] CRJ 200 1.4.1 crash

    NO display on the ND. I'm putting the RJ200 away until its flyable. Looking forward to the fixes towards the bug.