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  1. Brighter Textures

    Good luck and strength for this work … Thank you very much for your support…
  2. Winter in Austria – PC-12 X-Plane 11

    As usual top notch quality … nice capture and good scenario…
  3. Hawaii: C206 Molokai to Lanai X-Plane 10

    Wonderful, relaxing… Very nice.
  4. In the Highlands – C208 in Papua X-Plane 11

    Thank you…
  5. In the Highlands – C208 in Papua X-Plane 11

    As always very nice … I would like to see a movie of X-Plane 11 rendition of the Rhine valley between Basel and Mannheim…
  6. Ingested a bird or two...

    Reminds me of a movie, where they used virtual animals so they could state „no animals have been hurt or killed to produce this movie‟.
  7. A Sky Story

    Thank you for the information. Merci pour l'information …
  8. Morning in Bella Coola (CYBD) – Bell 412 X-Plane 11

    Every scenery or aircraft producer should be honored to see his/her product featured in one of your videos. Superb!
  9. X-Plane 11 beta 1 few shots

    Which geographic area is that? Do you use X-Plane 11 only or additions like HD Mesh?
  10. Wonderful, very nice video as usual … I enjoyed it really …
  11. IXEG 737 Gizmo Menu Broken - Aircraft unusable!

    Ou of my experience the latest Gizmo version available makes all X-Aviation compatible with macOS Sierra or is it the reverse order?
  12. SASL is a plugin inside your aircraft folder. Ramzzess uses it for his creation. It may be worthwhile to look for an update ofd the aircraft where you bought it. The last update of X-Plane is not bug free, but old plugins are the real pain. From a fellow Mac user
  13. Saab 340 at Catalina Island X-Plane 10

    Very dramatic sky … don't forget your raincoat and umbrella on bord!
  14. X - Plane 10 crashes

    It looks like a plugin problem. The XPLM plugin seems to be defect. More comptent members of the community will probably react soon. I would update X-Plane using the latest installer available, but I might be wrong. Updating would not do any harm indoor case, I think. Where did you install your copy of X-Plane? To me it looks like you put in your user folder, which might be a cause some problems.
  15. xplane 10.5

    Excuse me if this is not the right place, but I want to stress that the Gizmo64 10.b3 (or 4?) works flawlessly with MacOs Sierra … The small optical glitches are probably due to other plugins. The more plugins we add, the more unstable the system (X-Plane) becomes.