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  1. kickremi

    General Aviation - P.180 Avanti II

    Thank you very much!
  2. kickremi

    General Aviation - P.180 Avanti II

    Hi, I too have the error message in Mac OS X, the installer desinstalled a previous version
  3. kickremi

    Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    Mmerelles, I agree we need to look ahead. I think that the standards needs to get stable before jumping on a model fo VR. Meanwhile, dear gcbraun, the price tag is still an important factor, the cost of the VR gear, the cost of the updates of the various aircraft models and other add-ons sums up. X-Aviation has a very kind and customer friendly upgrade policy, other vendors simply ignore their customers and charge the full price for upgrades, so the VR path might be very expensive. I am only expressing my reflections about an evolution of technology. VR can be and is very interesting in visualizing models of architecture and virtual visits of inaccesible parts of historical buildings like the spire of the cathedral of Strasbourg. But I do not desktop publishing or historical research in VR. X-Plane is a nice hobby and I enjoy doing some paintwork for aircraft models. Some years ago there attempts to do liveries using 3D models, this did not really succeed. I will probably follow the line: wait and see …
  4. kickremi

    Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    I just followed this thread, VR might be an interesting toy, but the price tag is and remains and big hurdle. Not every European customer is willing to fork out 300-400 euros for an equipment that is only of use for a hobby. There are more posts on the X-Plane 11 Linux topic then on the VR in X-Plane 11. VR is indeed an intersting tool for visualisation of architecture, modelisation. But I assume that a computer able to handle the full 3D of a flight is not sitting on many X-Plane users desktop. Laminar might act assuming a wealthy American customer base, but the rst of the world may have other priorities.
  5. kickremi

    IXEG 733 landing at ENBR - Bad weather

    Nice video …
  6. kickremi

    P.180 Avanti II

    Thank you verymuch for this gift…
  7. Flight factor has changed the liveries, you now have only one texture for the fuselage, previously the fuselage was split in 3 pieces at least. As far as I know they did not publish a new paint-kit for all the models. Only the 200 is or was available…
  8. kickremi

    Passwords leaked at x-plane.org

    It is a yearly or monthly subscription. I also use it since several years and it is very handy …
  9. kickremi

    A350 Mauritius to Paris X-Plane 11

    As usual very impressive … You must have a good computer…
  10. As always a very nice video. I think Thandra should grant lifetime free acces to their updates…
  11. Dear Oleg,

    Have you posted your brighter textures for the DC3?

    Many thanks for your reply.

    Remi Kick 

  12. Soothing and pacifying video, the great master… Thank you…
  13. kickremi

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4 Update Released!

    Like Super I would like to mention that during installation I got messages that the component United Express and the component Corporate were not found. Not a big problem as I am updating the SAAB, the liveries are still present from the previous version. Thank you very much for all the work and the patience with us customers
  14. kickremi

    Livery List & Requests

    The list is not closed …
  15. kickremi

    Livery List & Requests

    No worries at all … I understand very well that you did the liveries of the company for which you father flew. I am mostly doing liveries of Scandinavian companies (a series of SAAB 340 which I should post) and have no familiar connexion to flight. There a several liveries of Falcon Air, Natfalken, variations with the postal logo in blue on yellow… I enjoyed my years in Sweden, where I took a doctors degree in humanities.