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  1. -TheoGregory

    How can i contact Theo Gregory?

    Hello, Sorry I didn't reply. You probably tried to contact me at the org? If so, I'm pretty much banned there . About the package, it's very old. I dont even think I have it anymore. Any planes that where in there were used from OpenSceneryX. You don't require my permission to use them. Just download the library to your computer and have at it! Theo
  2. -TheoGregory

    Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340A Experience

    Definitely try NZQN. I flown in there for real. It's a brilliant cross between Kai Tak and Lord of the Rings... (and the HD NZ Mesh is fantastic down there)
  3. -TheoGregory


    I've read and accepted the terms and conditions is the biggest lie today.
  4. -TheoGregory

    X-plane 10

    Go into your X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/ and move all the files in there to a separate location then restart X-Plane.
  5. -TheoGregory

    747-400 on the org!!

    Don't read too deep into it guys . Just poking some fun. Looking forward to it Carlos! Great job on the avionics.
  6. -TheoGregory

    747-400 on the org!!

    The most convenient typing error in the world.
  7. -TheoGregory

    747-400 on the org!!

    Shows how devoted a publisher is when he gets the series of the plane your making wrong in the promotional material...
  8. -TheoGregory

    Saab 340 Paint Problem

    There is no proportion difference between the front and middle of the fuselage, and the rear part of the fuselage. It's 1:1. Copy and paste the exact lines from the front of the fuselage to the rear and manipulate them ( e.g. horizontally). You just need to manually line up the lines to match, vertically.
  9. -TheoGregory

    Saab 340A - Released!

  10. -TheoGregory

    Saab 340A - Announcing New Feature!

    Although you are correct, X-Plane also takes into account the fact that you can generally receive 130% (approx) of what is stated in official documentation. Most of VOR's in (virtual) Europe that have a 130nm range can be received atleast 150 NM away if not more.
  11. -TheoGregory

    What is this, and how do I remove it?

    You can fix it by putting it in the right place in a new nav.dat file and putting it in the same directory as your apt.dat. http://data.x-plane.com/ This will tell you formats of nav.dat files...
  12. -TheoGregory

    5 star service~

    Nice citation . I painted that exact paint on ours about 3 weeks ago.
  13. -TheoGregory

    PMDG officially developing for X-Plane

    No matter who it is, one person cannot spend less than a year in development of an airliner and expect it to be high quality. It just doesn't happen. PMDG took 5-6 years (correct me if i'm wrong) on their 737.
  14. -TheoGregory

    Newbie Silly Question - Whats up with the MACOSX

    I think mines crashing considering for the last week, my computer has been constantly running at 98% memory.
  15. -TheoGregory

    Newbie Silly Question - Whats up with the MACOSX

    I think I must be the only person to ever go from Mac to Windows.. For developing, I love my PC. It crashes a little more sure, but the amount of programs that I can use in Windows 7 that aren't available on Mac makes the clear winner, a PC. Though i'd rather use a Mac for day to day use.