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  1. have you tried just flying with mouse and keyboard and just using the tbm ap controls or flying another plane just to make sure it not hardware related .i had a go on my to try replicate what was happening when i got to alt and leveled off everything was ok and following the magenta line, then i nudge my trim wheal on the saitek panel soon as i touch that all ap went off and it started to pitch up just like yours.
  2. sorry just seen the 2nd vid dont know whats going on there.do you use a saitek multi panel for auto pilot as i have 1 and it can mess up on certain payware aircraft
  3. hi ive noticed on the 1st vid you posted you armed the auto pilot and nav but you did not select the vs button.you can delete the flight plan by pressing the flight plan button then the menu button you will then get a list of commands one is delete flight plan just push the fms knob then use the outer dial on the fms highlight delete flight plan then enter.i also use auto pilot to climb out some time and what i do is select the alt before take off lts say 10000 i also input the flight plan on the ground then after i take off press auto pilot click nav then i click vs then i use the vsdial at the side of the button and select the fpm i require
  4. ebbsy1

    TBM 900 v1.1.8 Update Released!

    hi keypad still a bit dodgy, still getting no icing effects and weather radar does not pick up anything now it used to pick up terrain in weather mode now i get nothing ,terrain radar seems to work fine.wether radar does still pick up the terrain
  5. ebbsy1

    Just bought, newbie and questions & CTD

    no probs think its got something to do with the zoom level as i found the further you zoom in the better it works but its still a little buggy.
  6. ebbsy1

    Just bought, newbie and questions & CTD

    i think there is a bug with the keypad i fly a lot of the uk and when i press e on the keypad i get a 5 so i press backspace press e again i get a 0 nearly every time .alway third time lucky i get the e,
  7. ebbsy1

    Just bought, newbie and questions & CTD

    hi unfortunately i am not a pilot just fly the sim for fun so not sure how it works in real life.but when you 1st power up the displays on the tbm centre display hit menu button on the tmb keypad and i think north up is highlighted on the g1000 by default, just hit the enter button and it changes to track up i know its possible as i changed mine to track up yesterday
  8. ebbsy1

    Just bought, newbie and questions & CTD

    hi g1000 if your on the main map screen click menu button north up will be highlighted if not press the fms button to highlight then click enter this will change to track up.as far as the throttle i have a saitek throttle quadrant ,when i have the throttle on the tmb to the right i have to use the mouse for low idle and high and to switch to the left to flight idle but when the throttle is to the left i think if you can toggle the reverse thruster to a button on your hardware or key pad it then let your throttle on your hardware go from reverse into taxi and also flight mode but when you throttle back it goes back to flight idle only to get back to taxi range you have to press the reverse thrust button again the push your throttle back up to taxi.
  9. ebbsy1

    visual effects + weather radar

    hi saw a vid on you tube last night of someone showing off the amazing icing effect.i asked if it worked in 1.1.7 and got the message back saying that he`s just tryed it out and could not reproduce the effect in 1.1.7.also don't think the weather radar works correctly as i have it set to weather but all it picks up is the terrain
  10. ebbsy1

    Need help with continuation after crash and restart

    i had ctd today when i was rolling down the runway gathering take off speed i was at about 50 knots.restarted xplane and in the menu hit resume last flight got the tbm menu asking if i wanted to continue i hit yes and when resumed i was still rolling down the runway about 50 knots so i gave the throttle a little nudge then managed to take off
  11. ebbsy1


    ok thx for reply
  12. ebbsy1


    is it possible to reinstall v1.1.6 not sure 1.1.7 is working correctly or its me.done another flight today where i deliberately overstressed the landing gear flaps got back to the maintenance hangar and the plane was fine. still getting no icing effects yet i've seen youtube vids on this working.when i bought the plane installed it it was version 1.1.6 and i pretty sure i saw icing on 1 of my flights were i did forget to turn window heat on only had the plane a few days before 1.1.7 came out and i updated.i do still have the 1.1.6 zip file but when i went to install i got error message saying unable to download missing component
  13. ebbsy1

    no icing effect

    hi after a fresh install im still not seeing any icing effects.originally i reported no windshield icing but after doing a few flights now without any deicing on i'm not seeing any icing effects on the tbm at all,just wondering if any one else is getting icing effect or not the, box is ticked in the plugin rain and icing effect i get the rain no ice.also don't seem to be getting the weather radar to work it picks up the terrain ok but not the precipitation and i have it set to weather flying through the rain i got nothing showing on radar till i tilted down then all that got pick up was the terrain set the tilt back to 0 and got nothing.one more thing i`m experiencing is when typing a flight plan on the keypad when i press e it inputs a 0 i have to press backspace to start again press e again i get a 5 so back space again then i get the e.other little bugs i had like landing gear fail and a door fail seem to have gone after the fresh install
  14. ebbsy1

    fresh install

    im going to do a fresh install as i think im getting some sort of loading error.took off from bgbw greenland and just landed at egpo stornoway.ive checked the air frame in the maintenance when landed tab and everything was ok as new but i still got the door error.if i go to the centre pfd and click system there's a red area indicating that the door is open so i shut down xplane and started new flight at egpo powered on the battery went to the centre pfd and the red door had gone .checked the doors from inside and out side and both open and close properly when i open door on ground i get warning pop up and when i close warning disappears many thx
  15. ebbsy1

    fresh install

    pretty sure it was about six when i first installed 1.16 lol .thx for the help i am enjoying the plane and the surprizes it springs on me the landing gear failure and the cabin pressure its good sim experience.at the moment im about 300 nm of stornoway 15000 ft with the oxygen mask on that ive just discovered above the passenger side