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  1. pkorkala

    Limited bank angle

    Wow! This thread escalated in a way I couldn't imagine! I'm glad the plane is not abandoned! I just have one wish, and that is the bank angle bug to be fixed, then I'm 100% satisfied with the plane. And I'm sorry if I did upset someone with my question, that was not my intention at all. The only reason I did continue to post in this thread was because I realized the current version was released in August (about nine months ago), and I thought that a small fix for this serious bug should've been made available in a couple of months after the release at maximum. I can just compare with other payware planes I have in X-plane, and they're way more frequently updated. You have to look at this from the customers perspective also, not only from the developers view. I can understand your dedication to not give any kind of dates, whatsoever. But for me - as a new customer - I don't know if I can expect a bug fix this week or in the next year, and that's kind of frustrating. Thanks! /Peter
  2. pkorkala

    Limited bank angle

    When was this buggy version released (the current one), does someone know? Was it in August? That's nine months ago! I bought it in February, and I'm really frustrated that the developers keep saying the bank angle is fixed, but not yet released. When I look at this forum's pinned threads, all of them seems to be very old. I have to ask, is this plane abandoned by the developers? When someone asks me about my thoughts about the Saab, I have to be honest with them. Maybe I should tell them to buy the Carenado Saab instead, as this version seems to be buggy and no bugfixes are available. /Peter
  3. pkorkala

    Saab 340 Tutorial Video

    Thanks for the tutorial! Really great!!
  4. pkorkala

    Correct equipment code for Vatsim - and reversing

    Thanks N1K! So I should use the pushback provided with X-plane? Is it not possible to reverse with the engines? Thanks! /Peter
  5. Hello pilots! I haven't made a flight online on Vatsim with the Saab 340 yet, mostly due to the bug with the banking. But I cannot wait any longer now, so I'm going online anyway. But what should I use for equipment code for the Saab 340? Without using the GPS, which is how I fly most of the time, with VOR to VOR navigation - should the equipment code be /A? And when using the GPS, should I file equipment code /G? Thanks for any help with this, so the controllers know what to expect from me! And just one other thing, what is the correct procedure to reverse back from a stand before taxing? By using the reverse function, not by any kind of push back. Is it possible? I've tried, but the plane don't reverse... I bet you have to make everything correct with the condition and power handles, and I'm doing something wrong... Thanks in advance!! /Peter ESSA
  6. pkorkala

    Limited bank angle

    Hi! Is the bug fix released? Or do we know something when it will be? /Peter
  7. pkorkala

    Limited bank angle

    Thanks for the quick answer! And sorry for not searching first, I seriously thought I did something wrong (as I bought this plane just two weeks ago). I really didn't thought of the possibility of a bug in this relatively old airplane. Do we know when the fix will be available (as you mention it's already fixed)? /Peter
  8. pkorkala

    Limited bank angle

    Hello pilots! When I fly online and ATC gives me a heading the plane turns very slowly - as if the bank angle is limited to something like 10 or 15 degrees. I cannot find where to set the max bank angle, where do I set this? Like on the Zibo 738 you do this above the heading knob. /Peter
  9. pkorkala

    Hard to switch from Heading mode to NAV-mode

    Okay, thanks Michael! I'll have to have a bit more patience then, and simply wait until the localizer are well within reach (which I thought it was when the distance showed up). I'll have to test this out even more, to get comfortable with both navigating and landing. /Peter
  10. pkorkala

    Hard to switch from Heading mode to NAV-mode

    Yes exactly, as LNAV. I didn't use the Garmin at all during theese flights. I want to navigate towards the localizer with NAV-mode (either the ILS-localizer or the airport localizer), and then later on press APPR when the G/S is captured.
  11. Hello pilots! I'm new to this plane, and I'm totally in love with it! But I have a small problem... I'm practicing my landing skills with this plane, so I take off, use heading mode to turn 180 degrees, and later on turning 180 degrees again to catch the G/S and land. But I'm having problems switching the autopilot from Heading mode to NAV-mode, the HDG-button still lights when I press NAV, and the autopilot stays in HDG-mode... It doesn't matter if I use the left or right source. It seems that I have to press NAV a couple of times, and switch between L and R and just click around. Eventually the autopilot changes to NAV-mode. The screen also tells me that I'm in HDG-mode (with green letters), LOC 1 is below it in white letters. Am I doing something wrong?!? Thanks! /Peter
  12. pkorkala

    Unable to remove the stairs

    Thanks Michael!
  13. pkorkala

    Unable to remove the stairs

    Hello pilots! I bought this wonderful plane yesterday, and now I have a question. I'm on the apron in Glasgow, and are about to start engines, but I'm unable to remove the stairs! It won't fold back when I click/click&drag the red hotspot. I've clicked around everywhere but it won't fold back... I'm stuck here at the apron, please help! I didn't have any problem opening the door and folding out the stairs. /Peter