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  1. Gregg Seipp

    TBM 900 & G1000

    Press the big red button to the bottom left of your PFD.
  2. Gregg Seipp

    Any news on TBM 2.0.

    I´d like to see an 850. The single-throttle thing is a bit boring. Also, love to see some of the ongoing maintentance stuff be optional. I like the stuff REP does, but I find the current implementation tiresome.
  3. Gregg Seipp

    Are there any traffic add-ons that work with the TBM?

    How stable is Live Traffic? It looks like a nice tool but, to me, stability is king.
  4. World Traffic doesn't work. Are there any that do? Gregg
  5. Gregg Seipp

    Hot Start TBM 900 MFD Problem

    There's a big red button on the bottom left of the left PFD. Click that and it will probably fix it. Gregg
  6. Gregg Seipp

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    I watched his video. At some point in it he said that he'd never had a hot start in the real plane. I was astonished by that. I *always* shut it down properly but I've had quite a number of hot starts in the sim and dry motoring has, maybe, worked once and I generally only get them cleared out if I wear out the starter and replace it which takes about 4 or 5 attempts if I recall. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I'm following the checklist. I figured I'd research it further at some point but, I haven't yet. To be honest, and I hate to say it, it's been hangared for quite a while now. If I'm lucky I get, maybe, a couple of hours at a time to sim a couple times a week and I don't want to spend forty-five minutes of it dealing with those kinds of maintenance problems.
  7. Gregg Seipp

    PA31T CHEYENNE II by Carenado

    I talked to all the witnesses. Big argument there as to whether you're a great or lousy pilot. So, the question is, what did you think of the airplane?
  8. Gregg Seipp

    5 Tips on how to make X-Plane 11 look Amazing

    LOL. A 738 at St. Barts?!! Tell us the truth...how many times did you try to land until you actually made it? Hysterical!
  9. Gregg Seipp

    Psychic messages

    Thank you.
  10. Gregg Seipp

    Psychic messages

    So, I guess my question is, is it safe to turn these messages off? Assuming there's a way to do that.
  11. Gregg Seipp

    Psychic messages

    A couple of questions: I've noticed that the warning message for a hot start pops up even before ITT gets up into the red. Using the timer ITT should be able to go into the lower red zone for 20 seconds and up to 5 seconds into the upper red zone before any damage to the engine. Is the airplane looking at the speed the needle is rising and guessing that this is going to be a bad start before one happens? What if we didn't have those messages? Would the 20 second and 5 second rules work? (I'd also like to say that I have yet to have Dry Motoring work to get me out of a hot start situation. Perhaps there's something I need to do that's not in the checklist.) If you didn't have the "brakes are hot" message how would a real TBM pilot know that he had to delay takeoff for 15 minutes to allow the brakes to cool? There's no CAS message. Thanks!
  12. It's a good addition to the Daher videos. He goes into little details and explains things well. Hot starts, wet starts, etc. How to tell if you're battery's getting old (and how long it should last). How the start is different with a GPU. How long ITT can safely be in each of the 'red zones'. And more. Good stuff!
  13. Gregg Seipp

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    And the fuel costs at different airports varies wildly. Small airports have it down about $4...the big fancy ones have it up in the $8 range.
  14. Gregg Seipp

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Keep in mind, I looked but couldn't find any instances of a RW TBM ground looping or exiting the runway. Also, from articles about the airplane they never mentioned anything about the airplane being difficult to steer on the runway...no mention about steering at all. The RW airplane has a better safety record than a C172.
  15. Gregg Seipp

    Descontrol después de quitar piloto automático

    Estoy usando las mismas curvas que te di. Funcionan muy bien