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  1. Gregg Seipp

    Main Gen Tripped

    One thought occurred to me. When the generator tripped on me, I was in moderate to heavy turbulence at the time, in climbout. Just in case that could have had anything to do with it. I mean, I can imagine that the instantaneous measurement of some value during that time might have been low or high, though, the gauges looked okay from what I could see. I have noticed that sometimes when I've gotten a hot start, the engine caught fire while ITT was still in the green, increasing quickly. Perhaps that gauge lags behind the actual ITT? Or maybe I was just missing something in all the bouncing around.
  2. Gregg Seipp

    CTD. TBM900 seam incompatible with X-Life

    It's when you bring up the Change Flight dialog (the little airplane in the upper right corner) and there's a button in the upper right corner of that dialog that says "AI Traffic" or something like that. I'd remove all aircraft from that.
  3. Gregg Seipp

    Prop wash

    I've wondered about that too but try cutting power 1-2 seconds prior to your flair. Lots of RW pilots on youtube use that technique.
  4. Gregg Seipp

    Main Gen Tripped

    Well, I'd deleted the 'state' directory so I don't know if it was set or not. Maybe it was, though, that would have been by accident. *Sigh*
  5. Gregg Seipp

    Main Gen Tripped

    Don't think so...at least not intentionally. I'll check.
  6. Gregg Seipp

    Main Gen Tripped

    So, this is about my third flight in this airframe and I got this: Then the engine shut down. Attempting to restart resulted in an engine fire in flight. What would have caused it to wear out so quickly? Does a generator malfunction cause engine shutdown? There were no other notifications in the log. EDIT: I'm an idiot. I see that the gen tripped and then it was the engine that failed. Still, I didn't run it over 101% and that would have been only a couple of seconds. About 2 hours on the engine. Gregg
  7. Gregg Seipp

    TBM Crash Windows 10 XPlane 11.41

    Yeah, I'm not sure if it's related to those two missing ortho tiles or not. There are a number of folks having issues...not just with the TBM. I'm trying to track it down. Seems to be related to OpenGL on the Nvidea drivrs. Tried several drivers. It's all guesswork but the common theme I've been thinking about is FXAA. Not sure...and you really can never be sure.
  8. Gregg Seipp

    TBM Crash Windows 10 XPlane 11.41

    Log attached Log.txt
  9. Gregg Seipp

    CTD. TBM900 seam incompatible with X-Life

    I´m not sure Traffic Global works if you enable it as AI traffic (meaning put their AI airplanes in the AI traffic window). I had some in there and got a crash which *may* have been related to that so I took them out for the time being...just in case. In truth, with the TBM it didn't matter if they were in there or not because they didn't seem to show up on the MFD anyway. But at least I can see Traffic Global planes out the window so that part works great!
  10. Gregg Seipp

    Prop wash

    I tried it and it seemed to work pretty well, apart from the nose of the airplane bobbing up and down gently in flight and on the ramp. But the same thing happens with my other planes so it´s not a TBM problem.
  11. Gregg Seipp

    TBM900 bobs with the 11.41 experimental flight model

    I wanted to add, I think this is happening to A LOT of the planes when using expermental mode. Not just the TBM.
  12. I'm not sure that there is anything that can be done about it or if it's the desired effect or if it's, possibly, even only my sim. The airplane bobs up and down both on final and on the ramp. In a five knot wind on the ramp sitting still, it bobs like the wind is much, much stronger. On final, coming down at about 90 knots, autopilot on (the wind about 10 knots or so off the right front) the nose kept moving up and down as well. Maybe that's intentional to fake vertical air movement. To me, to fake vertical air movement, the entire airplane would move up and down...not just the nose. Curious what others think about this. Gregg
  13. Gregg Seipp

    TBM900 CTD while taxiing

    I'll try. I've had that for a while, though. I just updated both the TBM to 1.1.11 and then X-Plane to 11.41. I never got a CTD with 11.30 with 1.1.9.
  14. Gregg Seipp

    TBM900 CTD while taxiing

    Log attached. Log.txt
  15. Gregg Seipp

    Prop wash

    The only set I've seen are these that cost 1800 euro: https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/product/cls-e-rudder-with-toe-brakes/ This is the one piece of equipment an airplane has that force feedback would be useful for in simming, imo...but, perhaps, not enough to justify 1,800 euro.