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  1. Oh that's what you meant, Gregg But tank you for your suggestion in removing all AI aircraft, which I had done in advance, but it didn't solved my issue. As said, now I have uninstalled X-Life in favor of Traffic Global.
  2. Gregg, I'm not sure what you mean by putting their AI airplanes in the AI traffic window? I can see the AI airplanes on Traffic Global Radar, the Path Viewer and the Scheduler, but what "AI traffic window" do you mean?
  3. Unfortunately, I have given up on getting TBM900 and X-Life to work together. When I wanted to fly with TBM900, I couldn't have AI traffic, and if I wanted traffic, I couldn't fly with TBM. Unfortunately there was not much support from Jardesign, why I decided to replace X-Life with Traffic Global, which runs fine with TBM900. I liked X-Life as it was easy to use, which admittedly has some drawbacks, but I will miss their ATC panel, even though there was some flaws. That was just it.
  4. Thanks Goran, I am very pleased that you are looking into it. As far as I can see around, there are many who are bothered by this problem. I find it weird that the error only occurs at me when I start up TBM900 with X-Life, I don't even have to fly. No other aircraft shows this message, which appears in both Log.txt and TBM900_Log.txt. If, on the other hand, I disable X-Life before choosing TBM900, the code will not appear: "TBM900 [except.c: 282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000" One could wish that the developers of X-Plane, TBM900 and X-Life could stick their heads together and jointly solve this problem
  5. Unfortunately the new update 1.1.11 made no difference to my problem, wonder if it ever will be solved
  6. Thanks for your answer, Goran. Sorry if I haven't mentioned I could prevent the exception handler errors by disable X-Life in the plugins menu, you are of course right. But my problem is that I want to use X-Life AND TMB900 on the same time without getting all these errors and CTD. I have just noticed a new version TMB900 (v1.1.11) is available, if I'm lucky, it might solve my problem. I will report back when I have tried it out with X-Life.
  7. Thanks dikkeduif for the advice, but it didn't helped me. Although I have the last version of X-Life, I've tried to reinstall but without success. I still get lots of "TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000", - and sometimes CTD Also I wonder why a turn-around (Starting/Quitting X-plane) with TBM900 leads to 4MB or more Log.txt file, but only 56KB with other aircrafts. It seems I must choose between X-Life or TBM900.
  8. After installing TBM900 version 1.1.10, I get CTD shortly after startup. Some airports CTD arise shortly after take-off, other places I can fly for short or even longer. In XP Log.txt I can see several of these error lines: "TBM900 [except.c: 282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000". Depending on the airport selected, there may be few or hundreds of these error lines (which occur every second). The XP Log file size varies from 60 to 500kB depending on how long I choose to fly. I have found that the error occurs together with X-Life Traffic. If I uninstall X-Life, there will be no CTD and thus no error lines. Since no other aircraft causes CTD along with X-Life, I can only conclude that the TBM900 and X-Life don't like each other. But who is to blame, X-Aviation or Jardesign, and how do I solve the problem, as I love both the TBM900 and X-Life Traffic? I've spent several hours making things work, but without success. Attached an example of Log.txt. CTD after 20 sec in EDDH. Log.txt
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