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  1. xpst

    TBM 900 v1.1.10 Update Released!

    ... after considerable testing, I hope .
  2. xpst

    TBM 900

    Hi Goran, no, not necessarily a mouse, a button will do too, right ? With the thrustmaster TWCS I got a solution which feels really natural : http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15897-joystickthrottles/?do=findComment&comment=138167 The two buttons move the throttle between flight idle <-> high idle <-> low idle <-> cutoff (or up/down/left/right in the H) as needed. Once in flight idle, the throttle behaves as normal. The vertical switch movement of the 3rd switch in the post is great to simulate the reverse thrust lever.
  3. > we can take out the offending plugin. The plugin is the TBM, isn't it, so that doesn't seem an option ? But that exception handler is part of the TBM plugin ( TBM900[except.c:282] ), I hope Saso is starting to get clues ! Do you guys already have a tentative date (ok, just give me a year ) for the next update ? Just in : 2019-10-23 18:36:02 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000 IVAO was loaded. I wasn't connected to the network/using it. I succeeded in making one flight (30 mins) yesterday. Same flight today with same conditions and settings crashed in flight. They're picking my little pieces out of the hills right now. Thanks ! Log.txt
  4. Hi Goran, Quick question: I understand that since plugins run in the context of the main X-Plane process, it's not recommended that plugins have their own exception handler. Is it really required by your TBM implementation for any useful function, and if so, why ? Can't you get rid of it (and of the problem) ?
  5. xpst


    Hey Goran, I have sent you log.txt several times before for this, but apart from telling us to eliminate addons/plugins/AI, it doesn't allow you to fix the issue. Anyway, I'm trying to see if, again, the problem now goes away for a while if I continue to use the TBM and IVAO together, so my log.txt was overwritten. > We have only seen this type of crash happen with some kind of AI traffic running, so yours would be a unique case. Not really. IVAO is an ATC network, so there's lots of traffic, not from AI, but from the other users. (For what it's worth, weather is injected too). About that isolated XEnviro case : OK, but I could argue that a case like that does not prove that this particular CTD is not due to a bug in the TBM. And I had the problem several times without IVAO. This is a game to me, so I'm only virtually grumpy. In my opinion the V-FAA should ground the plane for exploding in air, it should be parked next to those 737-Maxes. You didn't put MCAS code in your TBM, I hope ? But, I sent you guys a few real $, so I'm a bit IRL-grumpy again :-) Again, to make progress, what I would really like is some debug version to catch more information, extra tracing, or a dump. I'm doing Telecoms software support for ~30 years now and my customers would have escalated a critical case to my CEO months ago demanding this. Don't take it personally Goran, you're doing your best, I appreciate your work, attitude, your great support, your quick responses, and I never said this isn't frustrating you too ! :-)
  6. xpst


    Hi Goran, I'm afraid that doesn't help. I don't have (and never ever had) LiveTraffic. I do use IVAO. IVAO is very widely used, has an enormous number of other users, who do not CTD with their planes. I don't CTD with other planes on IVAO either, only with the TBM. See my earlier posts. After the CTD, I decided to insist a bit more in August and managed to fly 10h without a CTD. Then stopped flying the TBM for more than a month. Kaboom, CTD on the very first new flight yesterday. I can stop using IVAO (not really an acceptable option to me), or continue using it and risk wasting my time by crashing after hours of flight, or stop using the TBM. But the problem to me is very clearly somewhere in the TBM and it's up to you guys to fix it. (And I also had this CTD without IVAO.)
  7. xpst


    I had another 2019-10-19 12:23:04 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000 I'm not even going to post log.txt (I and others have done it many times before, but it never helps). I hadn't flown the TBM for a month or so. First time I again used it today, it CTDed after 20 minutes of flight. I notice a pattern of getting this CTD after not using it for a while, and afterwards the problem goes away. Until it comes back. I had to renew my license yesterday (when flying another plane, another gripe I already posted about). Maybe it's related, who knows. Really, Hot Start... please don't bother responding again with the "TBM is complicated/advanced" and "we exploit the bugs in other software" answers... There are many other planes and mods around which don't have this CTD. Do you know another one which does crash with this exception handler message ? The Zibo 737 for example, which is arguably more complex, never CTDs with this error. And it uses lots and lots of other addons and works well with them. Something in the way you implemented the TBM is causing it to be unstable. It's been many many months now. Please re-implement that bad code, or fix it. Really sorry about my tone. Nothing personal Hot Start guys !! But I'm kind of mad about this lingering problem.
  8. xpst


    Last month I complained that the "something reinstalled our exception handler" CTD started happening for me again after installing IVAO. Since then I've used another plane on IVAO with no problems, so I finally tried the TBM900 again. After more than 10h with TBM on IVAO, no new CTD yet (hoping that having written this it will not happen tomorrow :-) ! ) The elusive "reinstalled our exception handler" remains elusive !
  9. xpst


    Thanks Goran, hope you can make progress. Meanwhile, I'll fly other planes with IVAO and hope they behave :-) !
  10. xpst


    Hi Goran, Thanks for your reply. I didn't include the log, because it never seems to be useful for this crash. Which is why I'm mentioning that you might provide instrumented code to help you make progress. I would certainly volunteer to run it. I've seen you write several times that the TBM is "exploiting bugs in other software". That's a strange way of putting things. IF that is the problem (remains to be seen), please stop "exploiting" buggy code ?!?! Do you know of other products causing this CTD ? It has been around for a long time now. I don't see any progress. Eliminating other plugins isn't a solution, at best a temporary workaround. This started to re-occur for me after installing IVAO. IVAO may be causing problems with the TBM, but IVAO is being used successfully by thousands of other users with other planes, the TBM shouldn't crash with it. Thank you. Note: It could be that I have not installed IVAO correctly, but when there's no CTD, it seems to work fine. Log.txt
  11. xpst


    Hi Goran, I haven't had the Something reinstalled our exception handler CTD for a long time. After installing the stuff needed to use IVAO (X-IVAP & Teamspeak) XP generally crashes after 10 or 20 minutes, even sitting on the ground, making it completely impossible to use. I understand that you guys have a hard time finding the root cause because of a lack of clues, but it seems the Hot Start TBM has a particular problem with many plugins (IF that is in fact a cause) , which most planes do not have. Please, please, work more on this... Creating an instrumented image to get additional traces when crashing comes to mind... Thanks !
  12. xpst

    TBM 900 Some minor observations.

    Double apology Goran: I just saw that the reference OX TANK DOOR was written all over it !
  13. xpst

    TBM 900 Some minor observations.

    I now have a pretty painted door ! Sorry about that, I stopped looking when I found the ressembling door at the bottom of the file, I should have searched a bit more. Thanks a lot Goran !!
  14. xpst

    TBM 900 Some minor observations.

    Don't worry Goran, no hurry at all !!