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  1. xpst

    TBM 900 Some minor observations.

    Double apology Goran: I just saw that the reference OX TANK DOOR was written all over it !
  2. xpst

    TBM 900 Some minor observations.

    I now have a pretty painted door ! Sorry about that, I stopped looking when I found the ressembling door at the bottom of the file, I should have searched a bit more. Thanks a lot Goran !!
  3. xpst

    TBM 900 Some minor observations.

    Don't worry Goran, no hurry at all !!
  4. xpst

    TBM 900 Some minor observations.

    Hmmm, yes I can see that fine. But that's the ELT door, not the Oxygen Service door, isn't it ? There's a door which looks just like what I need in file "Wing_Right"... but when I paint it, it is covered in black anyway (plus the button and the labeling of course). My layering looked OK to me, I'm puzzled.
  5. xpst

    TBM 900 Some minor observations.

    Thanks Goran ! I think I'll try to "fake" the vents in the paint kit, no big deal. > big black bumps under the base of the wings I guess they're just bumps covering something. I found where to paint them. Now ... do you think you could point me to where the Oxygen Service Port door can be painted ? I tried several places which looked promising, but no luck yet. Can it be done ?
  6. xpst

    TBM 900 Some minor observations.

    Just curious : does anyone know what those big black bumps under the base of the wings are for ? Haven't been able to figure out how to paint them yet... Thanks !
  7. Hi, I've been spending some time with the paintkit to create a livery so I've been watching a lot of details of the Hot Start TBM up close, as well as real life pictures and videos, and continue to be amazed by the quality of the modeling. I noticed a few things: The end of the tail section differs a bit. On the real plane it seems to be made out of 2 sections and finishes slightly sloped instead of vertically. I think there should be vents between the vertical strakes of the rear section. It's a pity the riveted registration number doesn't change when the painted one is changed. As I said, it's amazing though !!
  8. xpst

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    I was pretty grumpy in the past about ground handling during landing and takeoff, but it's now as I expect, without a need for abnormal tuning of XP11 settings. Thanks Hot Start !
  9. xpst

    great airplane except ground handling

    Yup, managed to land and stop the TBM easily in Q94 with a slow landing speed. ... but then I crashed when over-torquing on takeoff :-( ! Grrrr.
  10. xpst

    Dry motoring after hot start

    Yes there's also a separate "Main Generator" item. Anyway, a starter generator should have a lifetime of many thousands of *hours*. This is a clear case of abusive programmed obsolescence. Time for a class action !
  11. xpst

    Dry motoring after hot start

    Accelerated wear model is off ? It does seem to be inaccurate or at least strange. Fyi, I have 227 mins on the starter (without accelerated wear model enabled ) with a 13h airframe and I'm pretty sure I didn't run it for nearly 4h (!) either.
  12. Hi Gregg, I haven't tried the 3rd, so I don't know about that. Anyway, if shortly before POKKR you do the 1st or 2nd, then (before you deviate too much from the GS) switch the CDI to NAV1, and select "APR" mode on the Auto Pilot, it flies the plane correctly down the ILS26L approach you have chosen. If you do not switch to NAV1, you will get some guidance, but need to fly down the GS yourself.
  13. xpst

    X-Aviation TBM-900 Improvements desired

    Aaah OK, thanks ! I understand now. From the normal inside cockpit view you need to use arrow keys, "," & "." to go outside and click on one of the tags. I'll continue to use the maintenance manager then, it's a bit faster !
  14. Hi Gregg, thanks for that explanation! I gave it a try with the TBM. Of course you do always need to activate the approach at some point. That's a normal step you generally do not take too early just in case there are last minute changes (ATC, etc). Because of those left turns, I did it just before POKKR, and despite the sharp turn the TBM turned to PRINO and followed the approach. Then the glideslope became active so normally you don't need vnav mode any more. But I couldn't get the AP to use the GP and flew down by hand too . That may be because the arrival is plain RNAV and the approach is ILS/LOC so I needed to switch over. I'm not sure, and I need to do a few more tries. I'm still learning, so this may not make sense. I also need to figure out how to update my X-Plane/TBM nav database. My approaches, arrivals and runways aren't up to date at all (SUNST3, ILS25L) although they're close. BTW that runway is endless !
  15. xpst

    X-Aviation TBM-900 Improvements desired

    Hi Goran, I didn't know that, I always do it through the maintenance manager. I tried the walkaround now, and touching doesn't do anything... I'm sure I don't have the right touch ?