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    Yaw Damper/Trims

    Some insight from our friendly real life TBM flyer:
  2. Eseem

    Yaw Damper/Trims

    I would love to! Who are they? Pilots? Devs? What Discord?
  3. Eseem

    Yaw Damper/Trims

    If it's set up for it, it definitely could be. Yaw absolutely impacts roll through dihedral effect, and even becomes a stronger rolling force than ailerons at and beyond crossover alpha. I found a few written claims through this thread, and the consensus seems to mostly be that aileron is a one-off, or needed on old and bent airframes, but of course different types and styles gives different experiences and some use it more than others. What I read concurs largely with what I've seen and been told jumpseating turboprop twin commuters, and in any case it's all exactly opposite of how I'm experiencing roll trim requirements when simming with the TBM. In addition, simming is mostly done with spring-centered controls which is much more sensitive to aircraft being in trim than real controls which you operate like you do a steering wheel in a car to keep it on a mostly straight road; without thinking about it much and little effort. Fighting this rolling with trim back and forth all the time is taking the fun out of handflying it IMO, some "dumbing down" should at least be optional if the real thing would be anything close to this sensitive about the longitudinal axis. Lastly, as a glider pilot, the rudder is my most important banking control surface, so why wouldn't it be on the TBM?? (<- joke, also answer provided above)
  4. Eseem

    Yaw Damper/Trims

    I think you are only partially correct. Fuel imbalance and other things affecting CG displacement or unequal L/D would require aileron trim, however as far as I'm able to find out the YD should autotrim for coordinated flight, and should be able to do so without aileron trim even with changing power levels. In the Dash 8 you really only trim rudder to accound for power changes, though manually (check the q400 copypasta for more info on this, lol). The PC12, a very similar airframe, certainly has this function included in their very similar avionics suite, however imperfect:
  5. Eseem

    Yaw Damper/Trims

    Apparently, YD includes an auto trim system that should ensure coordinated flight as long as YD is engaged, i.e. no rolling tendencies, according to Daher Is this not yet implemented correctly, or is something wrong with the installations / how the aircraft are managed / third party addons in the case of the two of us experiencing these rolling tendencies?
  6. Eseem

    Yaw Damper/Trims

    Piling on, should we expect roll stability with YD on, given there's no fuel imbalance or uneven drag? If we need to trim for roll with YD on, do we trim aileron or rudder? My experience right now is the same as above, on climb with YD on the aircraft trims for left roll.
  7. Eseem

    Trim not working

    Sounds like your aircraft has detected a tailstrike at some point, these faults where exactly what I got after I was about to shut down, believing I had my throttle in FLT IDLE I just pulled back my joystick throttle, inadvertently setting full reverse and planting my tail in the ground. Quite possibly this has happened during loading, moving around with the map, or something along those lines?
  8. Eseem

    Glide range ring on MFD?

    Thought those rings were green and green checkered? He's got more than two hours of fuel left at current consumption, and rocketing along at M054, a distance of less than 100nm means it's 100% for sure not a fuel endurance range.