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    Cruise Altitudes and VNAV

    I'm no expert, but to the best of my knowledge there's no need to plug in your cruise altitude in advance, since VNAV cannot be used for climb. I only fill in altitudes for descent once I'm in cruise. You should see that filling in a descent waypoint calculates a profile for you based on your current altitude. If TOD is a few waypoints away, you will also see that your current cruise altitude will appear next to all waypoints before TOD. There are several videos on YouTube where you can see more details. This video by Philipp Ringler from LR is probably the most in-depth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2chCP1XObek Michael
  2. TheArcane

    PFD Altitude stuck at cruise level

    Hi, X-plane 11.26, TBM 1.0.8. Did a short flight today. Went up to a cruise altitude of FL180. When I started descent I noticed that the altitude on the PFD was stuck at 18000 and not going down. Standby altimeter was working fine. I recycled pitot heats, checked the circuit breakers, nothing seemed out of order. Tried aux static, didn't help. Airspeed readout was fine all along. Managed to land, powered down, checked the payload page to make sure I didn't forget to take anything off, checked the maintenance page and saw there are absolutely no malfunctions anywhere. There are also no random failures active. I then turned the aircraft back on and saw that it was still showing 18000. A screenshot is attached, as well as the x-plane log file and the TBM flight log file. Thanks a lot for your support so far! Log.txt log_181027_091419_LFMN.csv