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  1. This plane is a wonder. Some new flight today, with real weather, from Paris to Cannes (with a few days of advance for the Festival...) FL 310. ISA +0°C. Torque : 88, NG : 101.8, FF 56 Gph, IAS 195 Kias, tail wind 11 kts. GPS groundspeed : 335 kts. Some fascinating thing to note is the play of trims' tuning with PA. On take off, rudder trim half way between the neutral position and the green mark, and elevator trim on the green mark. Once lift off completed, flight control at the recommended 114 kts speed. At full torque, rudder trim goes fully right. Once the navigation level reached, rudder trim comes back to neutral. In case of significant Xwind, rudder trim goes windward. I had not noticed that on previous versions. I am a flight simulator fan since 1996, and it's the first time that I see such a perfection. Waouh !
  2. Yesterday, I flew at FL310, with headwinds of about 13/14 kts. GPS showed groundspeed of 314 kts. We are not very far...
  3. Panxua

    great airplane except ground handling

    Fantastic improvement. This afternoon, a serie of landings by hands on small GA fields, all successful, which is a first. Congratulations to the devs. And also to a really dedicated support ! Gilbert
  4. Panxua

    Regular hotstarts

    Answer may be in the shutdown procedure. When at the parking position before shutting down, first put the lever on Flight Idle, bleed switch off, time one minute min, then low idle for fifteen seconds before cutoff. Starting the engine for a new flight is usually easy. Check temperature in the green sector during all starting procedure, if not, fuel cutoff immediately.
  5. Panxua

    Sexist plane?

    I am enjoying this plane a bit more every day! I am presently in a long range trip, from Tarbes (LFBT), its manufacturing place, to Kathmandu (VNKT). The present leg took me from Baku (UBBB) to Dushanbe (UTTD). A 3,5 hours flight. Better to do it with a copilot. The payload manager allows to add a copilot, and you may even decide if such will be a male or female copilot. Unfortunately, even if you decide to fly with a female copilot, you will discover, if during flight you take an exterior view, the copilot will be male notwithstanding. A pity... Any remedy? Thank you in advance.
  6. Panxua

    plane slides off runway when reverse thrust is used

    Hi guys! I experimented the same behaviour on my side. So I decided to follow with catching this plane in hands. This morning, I solved most of the behaviour with two interrupted take-offs. Lauching the lady up to 80 or 82 knots, then thottle at flight idle, then beta range and progressively rising reverse, and when the speed enough lowered, back to taxi range and careful use of the brakes. I mainly kept the central line! I thereafter made an ILS landing and did the same to stop. The solution is in smooth handling of yoke and rudder.
  7. Panxua

    Smooth flight!

    Exactly same weather... Fully handmade to accomodate as smooth landings as the flight!
  8. Panxua

    Smooth flight!

    I installed version 1.1.3 yesterday evening, directly from version 1.1.1. I had flown VFR sooner in the day from Toulouse LFCL (France) to Léognan Saucats LFCS, near Bordeaux, following the Garonne River. Although my configuration is reasonnably powerful, (I7 7700K at 4.2 Ghz, 32 Go RAM, Ge Force GTX 1070) the flight is sometimes stuttering, certainly due to the fact that I push all graphics to nearly the max. Today a trial flight with the new version, from LFCS to LFCO, a small airfield on the edge of the Pyrénées. First good surprise, the former aircraft registration remained valid, without any need to re-create a new airframe, as in the last versions. The flight time monitoring was also kept from the previous version. Second good surprise (I am flying XP version 11.26) the flight was noticeably smoother than the one of the previous day, and scanning the panoramic view with my TrackIR did not entail any stuttering, when the scenery was quite similar to the one of the previous day. In short, a very positive experience. Congratulations!
  9. Panxua

    Parking brake warning while in flight

    To all interested in this topic... Ricardo's suggestion proved most likely right. The warning reiterated once again yesterday, at the moment I disengaged PA to land on a small airfield, both hands on the yoke. I therefore decided to look for all assignations on my Saitek yoke, and discovered that behind the right handle was a rotating knob with three positions, the first one being programmed with the brake. Its quite puzzling, but I deprogrammed it, and my today's flight went without any problem. Thank you to all guys having taken two minutes two answer my worry. Have nice flights on Hot Start TBM!
  10. Panxua

    Parking brake warning while in flight

    @fireone Thank you for your remark. My purpose was not to dismiss Ricardo's argument. This suggestion was indeed totally relevant. So much so that I experimented this kind of problem in a conflict between centering my view in TrackIR and the cut-off position of the power lever. In my current setup, I deprogrammed the "B" key on my keyboard to allow some AP selection. My parking brake is now assigned to an almost hidden button on my Saitek Throttle Quadrant! This is the reason why I was wondering. I sincerely apologize if I hurted Ricardo's feelings
  11. Panxua

    Parking brake warning while in flight

    @Ricardo, That occured when I was effectiveley flying the aircraft, and therefore with both hands on the yoke, or the right hand on the power lever. I do not see any possibility to hit the brake button while beeing concentrated on keeping the path!
  12. Is it a bug? I am completing a full range of familiarization flights (stall triggering, lazy eight) and navigation flights without engaging autopilot, and, at various occasions, in the course of cruise, the Park Brake warning has suddenly rang, and, eventually the rotating knob was in the brake position without a cause. Any solution? Thank you in advance
  13. (continuation) I believed to have solved the problem in creating a fresh new situation, after erasing the folder \output\TBM 900\state, and starting the sim anew. Which did not solve the question at all. After a while, it appeared that the solution was with TrackIR 5 use. When omitting to start TrackIR, the power lever consented to stay in the cut-off solution. When starting TrackIR, the lever stayed in place until I centered my TrackIR view, by pressing the F6 key. Which by default is programmed in the sim to rise the mixture, and had therefore to be deprogrammed. This question is now solved.
  14. Solved the question by erasing the folder \output\TBM 900\state, and starting anew the sim.
  15. Hi guys! According to the recommendations on page 28 of the quick start guide, I have mapped buttons of my Saitek throttle to the "engines/mixture_up" and "engines/mixture_down", to command the throttle lever on the right side of the "h". Being understood that before actuating the starter, condition must be on Fuel Cutoff position. The problem is that the lever does not accept to stay there! If on low iddle position I try to drag it on the Cutoff position, either with my throttle button, or with my mouse, it goes immediately back to the low iddle position, which is preventing to start the engine. Any idea to convince this lever to stay where it is directed? Thank you in advance.