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  1. WaarEagle

    Controllability on the ground

    I've never had any problems taxiing the TBM. Even before the latest version, it only became really skittish at higher speeds... now it handles well at all speeds.
  2. After making several test flights, I'm 99.9% sure that (in my situation) the conflict is occurring between the TBM and ActiveSky. I tried a flight with World Traffic 3 disabled and experienced a crash within 30 minutes. For the next flight, I re-enabled World Traffic and changed the weather generation from ActiveSky to X-Plane's internal real-world weather. Since then, I have not had any crashes at all. Based on reports from other users, I'm not inclined to believe that the problem is caused exclusively by ActiveSky (since others are experiencing the occasional exception handler fault with xEnviro, FSGRW, XSquawkbox, etc.). Again, my gut tells me that the TBM is not correctly handling certain weather changes initiated by external weather programs... but I'm not sure which parameter (wind, cloud cover, precip?) is the cause. I remember that several builds back, the TBM was crashing consistently for everyone after Laminar made some weather-related code changes in 11.31. That problem has obviously been resolved; but I'm beginning to wonder if this is a very similar issue - except that it only occurs when using external weather generators. To add additional detail, I normally run Activesky on a remote computer. The program communicates with X-Plane over a network using the ASXPConnect plugin. I have NOT disabled the plugin in X-Plane; so the TBM and ASXPConnect module do not appear to conflict unless ActiveSky is "actively" manipulating the weather. I hope this provides some clues on where to start looking to resolve this issue.
  3. Understood. For my part, I'll make some flights without World Traffic running to see if it eliminates the crash. Since I experience the exception handler reset regularly, it may help to pinpoint the conflict. Will report back.
  4. But that log entry appears to be generated by the TBM... are you saying that it's coming from another source?
  5. The TBM's exception handler continues to reset on 1.1.9 (at least it crashed on the taxi out instead of toward the end of the flight this time). It's now been several months and the incompatibility still has not been identified? My gut feeling is that the TBM is either not getting along with external weather apps (ActiveSky, FSGRW, etc.) or World Traffic... but that is really just a guess. On the plus side, really loving the improved ground handling in the latest update. I don't plan on disabling any plugins (since they play nice with every other aircraft except the TBM); but I'm attaching my log for reference. Log.txt
  6. Any progress in identifying what is causing this particular crash (TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000)? I had it happen again tonight shortly after takeoff using version 1.1.7 and don't see any fix mentioned in the notes for 1.1.8.
  7. WaarEagle

    Flight recovery issue

    I experienced the same... the crash appears to occur when mousing over the sidebar menu. Nothing to see in the log... X-plane crashes so suddenly that no debug info is recorded.
  8. It's not xEnviro... my exception crashes occurred while using ActiveSkyXP on a remote server.
  9. I got this exact same error on a flight this evening: TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000 The TBM was behaving fine for a full hour of flight time; then without warning, X-Plane crashed to desktop. The square in the Read-only box has nothing to do with anything... it is only there as a reminder that folders cannot be set to Read-Only in Windows (only the files within can). Notice that to the right of Read-only it also says "(Only applies to files in folder)". Getting back to the TBM CTD, these crashes are really starting to get frustrating. I know the aircraft is wonderfully complex; but it seems every new patch introduces a new way to kill the simulator (how thoroughly are these patches being tested before they're unleashed to the public?)
  10. WaarEagle

    Throttle issue in new update

    I had the same issues after updating to 1.1.4C. The throttle constantly increased to full. Solved the problem by deleting all files in <X-Plane>\Output\TBM900\flightlog and <X-Plane\Output\TBM900\state. The files will rebuild after restarting a flight with the TBM. This effectively gave me a brand new airplane (complete with introductory tutorials) and the throttle problem was resolved.
  11. WaarEagle

    Exciting take off runs...

    Yup... as long as there's little to no crosswind and the pedals don't need to be touched, it lands alright. The video from Grau Adler actually supports my particular complaint -- the no wind landing was okay; but while he's taxiing, he looks down for a second and almost goes off the pavement. That's why the takeoffs in the TBM are worse than the landings, it requires more yaw input to counteract the applied power and the yaw instability on the ground is the problem. In my 33 years of simming, I've seen plenty of flight models tested by real world owners and pilots that handle horribly in a simulator (and unfortunately the TBM appears to be one of them at this point)... actually the TBM handles very well in the air, it's just the ground dynamics above around 20 knots that are so bad. I'm not going to get into a debate either; but you can either listen to Jason Miller (who probably spends a whole lot more time flying his real airplane than the simulated version) or you can listen to the users who know a thing or two about how a simulated aircraft is supposed to roll down a runway (and know how to correctly compensate for P-factor and torque). I'll leave it at that.
  12. WaarEagle

    Exciting take off runs...

    Well said! For an aircraft that is perfect in so many ways... the twitchy ground handling sticks out like a sore thumb. The 11.30 beta fixes a lot of the internal ground handling issues in X-Plane; but the TBM still handles very poorly even in the beta. Making a custom yaw curve helps a little (I use a linear curve and set a point for .10 response at .30 travel); but I believe the main issues can only be fixed by tweaking the model. It seems as if the yaw response is delayed -- which leads to over exaggerated control inputs (stability augmentation is not the problem -- I have it turned off). I hope this gets addressed soon.
  13. WaarEagle

    TBM 900 v1.0.2 Update Released!

    Gotta agree with Cameron on this... if you weren't prepared to accept possible glitches and troubleshooting, why in the world did you buy the product on the first day of release?!?!? Wait a week to cool down and don't throw away your past investments. I really don't mean to twist the knife; but I haven't had a single CTD since I purchased the TBM 10 minutes after midnight on Saturday. I know you're frustrated; but try to remember you're in the minority and your issue will most likely be fixed soon.
  14. WaarEagle

    [SOLVED] Flight idle lockout...

    Check the maintenance records... you probably blew out the hot section of the engine while experimenting with the reverse thrust functionality. Been there, done that :-).
  15. WaarEagle

    CH rudder directional control

    While trimming right rudder for takeoff definitely helps for a normal departure, it will aggravate the yaw over-sensitivity even more if the takeoff needs to be aborted. Cutting power on the roll will quickly result in S-turns across the runway (if not into the grass)... adding some reverse thrust into the mix will make it even more "exciting". I have not had the pleasure of trying out the MFG Crosswind pedals; but I feel pretty confident that they are orders of magnitude better than CH pedals when it comes to precise control inputs. Setting a (nearly) linear control response with the CH pedals is just a bad idea under any circumstance (full right slider for the win :-)). Speaking of trim... has anybody noticed any issues with elevator trim? Setting recommended takeoff trim results in a pretty pronounced nose up tendency after rotation. Flying a standard 3 degree ILS glideslope with full flaps requires over 90% nose-down trim to stabilize. Seems like it could also benefit from a little fine-tuning.