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  1. Hello Dwight, yes I'm really enjoying this model. I have the KMCO installed and will look at the others you have mentioned. I used the Signature ramp area when I collected my FAA licence. Regards, Tim.
  2. Hi JYW, thank you for your input. Handling is a lot better following the changes I made since taking the advice from Rob and Dwight. I will try the stability augmentation on the yaw axis to off for the next flight. Kind Regards, Tim.
  3. Hi Rob, thank you. I'll give it a whirl.
  4. Thank you both very much for your quick responses. I have taken snippets from both of you and completed a couple of circuits at KMCO without deviating onto the grass! Definitely helped not trimming the rudder to the right t/o marker and indeed for me just a smidgen to the right of centre works best. I have just tested with Sensitivity and Stab. augmentation at 50% and will try 0% on both later. I also flattened the rudder response curve but would be interested to see a graphic of your (RobW05) rudder response curve. For your info Dwight, I spent many happy hours in RW, flying out of Vero Beach
  5. Hello All, I realise that this topic has been covered in various guises before, however I would be grateful for any advice that you may have. I recently purchased the TBM 900 but have yet to carry out a controlled take off and significantly a landing and roll out without leaving the runway. I use the Thrustmaster Warthog throttle and stick, and have set the throttle friction control for rudder inputs. I have tried various settings using the x plane 11 sensitivity panel but to no avail. I realise why many people adore this model and it certainly is beautifully modelled, with detailed syst
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