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  1. SirJohn62

    Timer forgets hourly transfer

    Many Thanks. I `m sorry. I did not know that.
  2. SirJohn62

    Timer forgets hourly transfer

    Hello Goran, today I started the timer during a flight to measure the flight time. After 00:59:59 he retired at 00:00:00 and not at 01:00:00 as expected. The new ground steering model is absolutely great. Many Greetings SirJohn62
  3. SirJohn62

    Charts from autorouter.aero on the desktop

    Hello Goran, thank you for your answer. greetings SirJohn62
  4. Hello Goran, I love your plane and the complex simulation of the different functional units. I have a question about chartfuntionality. Do you see a way to get out your presentation of the different charts in the G1000 from the plane and pack them into a desktop program? You have solved all this wonderfully and just for us european users would be an external Chartviewprogram with a connection to the free charts of autorouter.aero a fine thing. (or maybe there is something like that already?) Best regards SirJohn62
  5. SirJohn62

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    Same here. Side bar disappears in x.plane 11 full screen mode with 1 monitor. But, if I switch to windowed mode, the side bar re-appears.
  6. SirJohn62

    Visibility of the aircraft icon on the ND display

    Hello Goran, thanks for the quick reply. That sounds good for now. I just hope that LR gets as fast as you ;-). Greetings SirJohn62
  7. Hello Hot Start guys, many thanks for your amazing airplane. I almost fly with it and I often use the ND display to navigate the various airports. Unfortunately, the aircraft icon is barely visible in large areas. Is it possible to change the contrast or the color a little bit? Best regards SirJohn62
  8. SirJohn62

    Steering the Plane after landing

    Okay thank you. I will try it also.
  9. SirJohn62

    Steering the Plane after landing

    Okay thank you. I will try it.
  10. Hello guys, I have a problem with steering the plane after landing. I am unable to keep the plane on the runway. I have already tried all possible settings in xplane but it does not help. I do not really know what to do yet? Does somebody has any idea? Greeting SirJohn62
  11. SirJohn62

    VNAV G1000 do not working for me.

    Thx. Yes, I also read it in the documentation and did not find it in the Sim. It was not displayed in the G1000.
  12. SirJohn62

    VNAV G1000 do not working for me.

    hi guys, after some reading and some videos I have the VNAV on the route get to run. But you have to stay within 5 minutes before the ToD to automatically descend. If the time is longer, turning the Altitude select button or pressing the VNav button again does not help to initiate descent in my case. Unfortunately, I have no experience with a real G1000 and I can not say whether it is up to me or if it is a bug in the simulation. However, in all cases, it does not match the documentation. I also tried to use VNAV after activating the approach. This results are completely incomprehensible results for me. I have to test that even further. Greeting SirJohn62
  13. SirJohn62

    VNAV G1000 do not working for me.

    Hi Guys, thanks for your tips and help. I have not quite solved my problem yet. I'm still testing and will report again. Many thanks. Greetings SirJohn62
  14. SirJohn62

    VNAV G1000 do not working for me.

    Hello danhenri, I think that was my mistake. I have everything set in time and more than 5 minutes before descent. I'll try it later. Do you have a link for that manual? Thanks for the info.
  15. Hello everybody, is there anyone among you who has used the VNAV before? I have tried it several times, but descent does not start, although everything is displayed correctly. I took some screenshots. What am I doing wrong? Did I forget to press any key? I love this plane, it's absolutely fantastic. Greetings SirJohn62