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    IXEG 737 and keystrokes

    Well, I know that's possible, but I do have a Steelseries keyboard with like 24 extra keys and it's very practical to use them instead of doing it with the mouse. I can change HDG, ALT and V/S using keys without any problem, and it's much faster, though with the SPD it's extremely unpractical due to the problem explained. I do hope the IXEG teams adds a custom keystroke for this instead of relying on the generic XP ones. Thanks for your reply!
  2. Dear fellow pilots, I've recently purchased IXEG 737 "classic", and I don't regret it a penny, since it's a pleasure to fly with. However, there is a little problem that's annoying me and hopefully one of you guys can help me out with. I've configured a couple of F keys to increase/decrease the MCP speed to XP standard controls "Navigation & Radios - Autopilot - Increase/decrease autopilot speed". However, when I press those keys, it seems that each keystroke changes by just 0.1 or 0.2 knot, so to increase from, say 140 to 150 knots, I need to press the key a hundred times, not really practical. Any of you has been able to solve this issue? I'm running latest version of both XP and 732. Thanks a lot in advice for your help! Best Agustín