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  1. Flc80

    Keystrokes for HDG and V/S

    Well, just found out something, could be a bug: If I assign a simple key (e.g. Z or X) it does work is you say, holding. However, if I assign a key combination (say Shift + F5), it does not seem to work.
  2. Flc80

    Keystrokes for HDG and V/S

    Really strange, tried holding, everything, not working. Just to be sure, do these two... ...map to this knob, the one controlling autopilot V/S?
  3. Flc80

    Keystrokes for HDG and V/S

    Dear all, I'm trying to map some keys for the autopilot heading and V/S knob but for some reason it seems to be only working for the HDG (turn_konb): Anyone had a similar issue? I can operate the V/S knob but only using the mouse, the assigned keystrokes don't seem to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. Cheers, A.
  4. Flc80

    Livery List & Requests

    Any chance of someone creating a livery for the defunct Danish airline Cimber? They did look really nice
  5. Flc80

    Training Video's

    These video tutorials are great and perfectly compliment the documentation on PDF. Jan, thanks for those!
  6. Flc80

    Chime when pressing FMC EXEC button

    Thank you very much!
  7. Hello, Just a little detail, I'm sure I'm missing something because this amazing model is all about details: can someone tell me how to enable the chime sound when pressing EXEC on the FMC? I've tried other 737 models and all of them do a very nice sound when hitting on that one. Or maybe the classic 733 did not have such a feature? Thanks in advance for your reply. Greetings, Agustín
  8. Thanks Jan, I'll keep on trying, I must be missing something Btw, I'm watching your tutorial videos on YouTube, they are great, couldn't be clearer, thank you very much for those! Best, Agustín
  9. Well, I just tried again and something really strange happens: after ascension manually, using V/S but LNAV enable, when I reached FL060 and holding altitude with the ALT button, if I click on VNAV, it turns on. However, as soon as I start increasing the ALT wheel from 6000 to the desired cruise altitude (28000 in my case). Flight route looks normal, ascension was done at a standard rate (12 degree angle). Yesterday I even tried doing exactly the same with Zibo's modified 738, same flight route, engaging VNAV and LNAV at same altitude, etc., and it did work fine. I'm really puzzled. Maybe the following screenshots help Here, everything's stable and nice, even VNAV is engaged: Flight plan looks fine too: However, after just turning the wheel one click, to say 6500, the following happens. After that, I can click VNAV as many times as I want but it wont engage again. Once again, thanks to anyone who can help me troubleshoot this Cheers from the summery sunny south, Agustín
  10. Jan, Thanks for your very nice reply. I'll try a couple of times again. I'll try engaging autopilot with V/S and HDG mode on and then take it from there. I like your approach, in fact yesterday I did the whole route (LIMF-LFMT) using LNAV but V/S ("manual VNAV") and it was much more fun :) I get your point about the lack of feedback on old system. However, I was hoping that maybe on some internal console one could see what's stopping it from engaing: not that in real life pilots have access to that, but in the simulator, isn't there some kind of behind-the-curtains debugging console? Have a nice one, Agustín
  11. Dear Litjan, I'm coming back with this problem again, it seems that did not really solve it. I increased the joystick CWS to maximum (0.25%) but I'm stumbling with the same problem as yesterday: LNAV enganges, VNAV fails to engage, without any warning or error on the FMC. I appreciate any help to troubleshoot this issue Br, A.
  12. Same problem here, increased from 0.17% to 0.20% and that nailed it. Thanks a lot Litjan, as always so helpful
  13. FIXED / JUST INCREASE JOYSTICK DEADZONE / PROBLEM APPEARED AFTER X-PLANE UPDATE 11.30 Dear all, I'm trying to fly a route fully on FMC but for some reason VNAV is not engaging (though LNAV is). No error warnings on the flight plan. It's quite continuous, no problems there. Could it be after I updated to X-Plane 11.30? Could it be because I changed a couple of times the destination airport without "hard resetting" (fully reloading) the model? Besides, is there anyway to troubleshoot this, to know why VNAV is not switching on? Thanks in advance for any ideas A.
  14. Dear Litjan, Thank you very much for your reply. You're absolutely right, I was wrong and I had CMD A on. I was trying to save one click when engaging VNAV+LNAV, and my thinking was that if CMD A was on, but all the other modes (VNAV, LNAV, HDG, etc.) where off, it was basically like having autopilot off. I was obviously mistaken. I'll need to go back to the books. Sorry for the stupid question, my wrong! By the way, do you know if there are any official IXEG videos, besides the very good PDF files provided? Greetings, Agustín
  15. Dear all, I've stumbled with the following bug quite frequently, say 1 in 5 take offs: on take-off, once I enable TO/GO mode, with A/T and F/S enabled (but with both CMD/A and CMD/B still off), the yoke turns all the way left. Has anyone else experienced something similar? At first I thought it could be a problem with the flight plan (eventhough F/D was still not enabled) but even the flight route looks fine, with the first points in about the same heading. I can kind of solve it by aborting takeoff, disabling A/T and F/D, doing everything again, but it's not ideal. Thanks in advance for any feedback I'm attaching two screenshots, one just some seconds after TO/GA mode is enabled, where you can clearly see the yoke going by itself all the way left; and a second one with the flight plan (just in case this could explain something). I've ruled out a problem with the joystick: only happens with this model and always during takeoff. Best, Agustín