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  1. Flc80

    Passenger seat

    Thanks for the reply Litjan! I fully forgot to open the door, I somehow assumed camera was going through walls but it seems it's not the case.
  2. Flc80

    Passenger seat

    Dear all, I've been spending hours and learning a lot using IXEG marvelous 737 model. I'm wondering if it's possible to save one of the pre-defined views as a passenger. The closest I could get to, starting from the default Shift+F6 "chase along" view and zooming in using the comma is to get to the following point (see screenshot), but I seem to not be able to move further into the body. Any tips or suggestions? Maybe I'm missing something. Thanks in advance for any help A.
  3. Flc80

    Incorrect flight phase

    Thank you very much Litjan
  4. Dear all, I've been using this amazing model for quite some time and can already do a full flight using VNAV and LNAV without any issues. However, I have noticed that during descent phase, the display just above the engine gauges stays stuck at CRZ, even though the FMC successfully begins descent. Any idea if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Flc80

    IXEG 737 and keystrokes

    Well, I know that's possible, but I do have a Steelseries keyboard with like 24 extra keys and it's very practical to use them instead of doing it with the mouse. I can change HDG, ALT and V/S using keys without any problem, and it's much faster, though with the SPD it's extremely unpractical due to the problem explained. I do hope the IXEG teams adds a custom keystroke for this instead of relying on the generic XP ones. Thanks for your reply!
  6. Dear fellow pilots, I've recently purchased IXEG 737 "classic", and I don't regret it a penny, since it's a pleasure to fly with. However, there is a little problem that's annoying me and hopefully one of you guys can help me out with. I've configured a couple of F keys to increase/decrease the MCP speed to XP standard controls "Navigation & Radios - Autopilot - Increase/decrease autopilot speed". However, when I press those keys, it seems that each keystroke changes by just 0.1 or 0.2 knot, so to increase from, say 140 to 150 knots, I need to press the key a hundred times, not really practical. Any of you has been able to solve this issue? I'm running latest version of both XP and 732. Thanks a lot in advice for your help! Best Agustín