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  1. Normandee

    saab gizmo not working

    Thanks for your suggestions which i did now working great, Cheers for that and your help
  2. Hi All i am unable to to get the Garmin in the Saab340 to power up. Tied all sorts but with out any success, i don't know if im doing it wrong or if there is a problem with the plane. Any suggestions would be most welcome Regards
  3. Normandee

    saab gizmo not working

    GIZMO TOOL TRAY MENU SYSTEM Hi I have being trying to get the GIZMO TOOL TRAY MENU SYSTEM to work for a few dys now with out success, I have used the plugin manager to disable all my other plugins , but this has not helped in correcting the problem with the gizmo tool tray appearing, i have also reinstalled the SAAB340A. i HAVE TWO X PLANE INSTALLATIONS on different drives and have the same problem with both setups. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks in advance Log.txt
  4. Normandee


    Hi All Does any one know if it is possible to change the time out settings for the flight plan menu, for example when i press the FPL KEY IT DISPLAYS THE MENUS FOR ALL THE OTHER MENUS MAP, WAP, NRST, SYS ETC THIS WINDOW ONLY DISPLAYS FOR ABOUT 1.5 SECONDS and does not allow you to have enough time to choose the menu you require. All suggestions are much appreciated Thank you in advance for you help Regards
  5. Hi all I am hoping someone has come across this problem before as i have tried every thing to try and sort this error message coming up. I have reinstalled the TBM900 TWICE with out any joy. All the the other aircraft load without any problems.I am attaching the picture of the error which keeps coming up about a minute after trying to start the TBM900 would appreciate any suggestions Thank you in advance Log.txt
  6. Normandee

    Thrust Reverser

    Great thanks for your tips and will re check knowing what you have given me Cheers Norman
  7. Normandee

    Thrust Reverser

    Hi All Does any one know if the thrust Reverse-rs are working in the IXEG 737 as i don't seem to be able to bind them to the keyboard or my joystick, your knowledge or any suggestions would be much. Appreciated Regards and thanks for any help in advance Norman
  8. Normandee

    TBM 900 Pressure mod

    Thanks for the time and help Dwight. I will give this a shot next chance I get and follow you instructions, Sure Appreciate your suggestions an am sure this will do the trick. Regards Norman
  9. Normandee

    TBM 900 Pressure mod

    Thank you Dwight I checked every thing over on landing twice, found nothing in the maintenance section all was looking new still. Not sure if i am using the incorrect switches, being studding the manual but unable to find anything there. Thanks very much
  10. Normandee

    TBM 900 Pressure mod

    I Keep receiving message the plane has no pressure at about 28000 feet, but when i check my pressure mode is set to auto and the two upper oxygen switches which i am sure are only for the emergency oxygen. my A/C AND BLEED are on auto. and i cant find any thing about the correct settings. Any suggestions please Regards and thanks in advance Norman
  11. Normandee

    Please check your quarintine scripts folder

    THANK YOU Will it be made to work in the future otherwise thanks a million
  12. Hi all After loading the IXEG 737 CLASSIC i keep receiving Please check your quarantine scripts folder and speedy copilot does not function at all. Check the quarantine scripts folder and the speedy copilot script is in this folder. has any body encountered this problem and how can i correct this problem. it is the file IXEG_proc which has being quarantined. Thanks for any help in advance Norman
  13. Normandee

    Flight Recovery

    Thanks for your responce Haven't flow-en since last crash. I have read the manuals you mentioned but what doesn't make sense to me is if i untick restore position on airport and fly its all fine its when i close down the sim and computer then the next day when i go to load tbm 900 i get the message mentioned above and the plane is on fire ? But thank you i will be flying in a few hours an see how it goes Regards Norman
  14. Normandee

    Flight Recovery

    Can any one explain to me or give me a reason of the cause of this message pooping up every time i start the TBM 900 I get the message as described in the pop up message i will post with this query. I have not even flowin the plane, nor started it up, nor moved it. it happens right after i upgraded to 1.8 so i always have to delete that aircraft and create a new one. this is crazzzy. Any help please would be greatly appreciated Norman TBM900_Log.txt
  15. Normandee

    TBM Nose wheel not working

    Hi All Does any one know how to bind the nose wheel steering to the hotas warthog for the TBM 900. I don't Have the any rudder pedals and i dont know how to program the target software. Please if you have any know How on this please let me know how. Regards and thank you in advance Norman