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  1. RXPAHC1

    fuel remaining g1000

    thanks,just wanted to know if iam doing something wrong
  2. RXPAHC1

    fuel remaining g1000

    the fuel remaining on the g1000 shows the wrong amount ,way lower than fuel in tanks,it seems like its reading one tanl in the tbm 900 is this default xplane g1000 issue or tbm900 thanks for reply
  3. how do you change time from local to Zulu in the tbm 900 g1000 thanks
  4. RXPAHC1


    got it thanks
  5. RXPAHC1


    As per the video, you assign a button on your joystick or keyboard to enable the beta function. I could not find any videos on how to assign the key that permits flight idle to taxi without going to reverse thrust first,and as far as beta key for flight idle to taxi I could not find it
  6. RXPAHC1


    Is there a way to to move from flight idle to taxi without having to put lever in reverse thrust mode ,can we assign a key to it and if yes ,how thanks and great plane by the way
  7. RXPAHC1

    saab 340A vert sync

    so vert sync works when flying manually and when auto pilot is engaged thanks
  8. RXPAHC1

    saab 340A vert sync

    is this statement true and how does vert sync works when A/P is engaged or only when flying manuallly