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    As soon as they release the next update I’ll have a look and see what’s new with this aircraft. Like I stated before on the whole VNAV situation I still don’t get it. It sounds like they need some cash and time and I understand. I could totally see the developers not having simulated failures and other things but VNAV is usually part of the package at release. Not going to beat a dead horse over this issue. I really thought this update would’ve been released by now. looking forward to what has been added Kind regards
  2. Thinking of buying...

    I agree 100% sidfadc. I’m in the process of switching from P3D to XP. People say this aircraft is the best for XP and that sounds great. I have no problem shelling out some cash for a complete addon. I’ve been following this forum for a while now and it seems updates take quite a while which I’m not a fan of. I’m a real world pilot myself and yes it’s true that in the real world of flying VNAV is hardly used into larger airports while talking to ATC. However, $75 is a bit steep for a unfinished aircraft. It also sounds like they are in no hurry to finish it either. PMDG had issues with their NGX for a while but updates came rather quickly as soon as they could replicate the same problems the customers were having. This sounds a bit different I’m afraid. I do appreciate Jan’s honestly about the situation but I’m gonna hold off for now. They may want to revisit the price until more progress is made. kind regards