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  1. Flying12

    IXEG 737 with V11.20

    Hello guys, Can someone tell me if the aircraft will work with the latest version 11.20 kind regards
  2. Isn’t it easier to say what doesn’t currently work? That link is extremely dated.. Holds are it I’m assuming?
  3. Jan, Is that the only thing that doesn’t work? VNAV,LNAV,AP and Progress Page are all working as they should?
  4. To whoever may have the best advice. like I stated in a earlier post I’m ready to purchase this aircraft after the recent update. Now I read about FPS spike problems and Gizmo( what the hell is it?) also I’m hearing about holding on we are working on a fix? The last thing I want to do is drop $75 for issues right from the start... is this aircraft going to work after a new purchase,download and install or not?
  5. I have stayed away from this aircraft until this update is available. I think I’m going to purchase this but I have one question to whoever can answer. I hear some people complaining about losing FPS on this recent update. I just updated my computer to- 8700K @5.0 GHZ, 1080ti 32GB of RAM @3000MHZ Will this run this aircraft without any issues? kind regards
  6. Flying12


    As soon as they release the next update I’ll have a look and see what’s new with this aircraft. Like I stated before on the whole VNAV situation I still don’t get it. It sounds like they need some cash and time and I understand. I could totally see the developers not having simulated failures and other things but VNAV is usually part of the package at release. Not going to beat a dead horse over this issue. I really thought this update would’ve been released by now. looking forward to what has been added Kind regards
  7. Flying12

    Thinking of buying...

    I agree 100% sidfadc. I’m in the process of switching from P3D to XP. People say this aircraft is the best for XP and that sounds great. I have no problem shelling out some cash for a complete addon. I’ve been following this forum for a while now and it seems updates take quite a while which I’m not a fan of. I’m a real world pilot myself and yes it’s true that in the real world of flying VNAV is hardly used into larger airports while talking to ATC. However, $75 is a bit steep for a unfinished aircraft. It also sounds like they are in no hurry to finish it either. PMDG had issues with their NGX for a while but updates came rather quickly as soon as they could replicate the same problems the customers were having. This sounds a bit different I’m afraid. I do appreciate Jan’s honestly about the situation but I’m gonna hold off for now. They may want to revisit the price until more progress is made. kind regards