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    XP 11.10 final

    That sir made my day, Best developer I`ve ever encountered,
  2. Mareckis

    XP 11.10 final

    so thats where my FPS are !!!
  3. Mareckis

    XP 11.10 final

    All is fine with my XP11.10 + IXEG 737 combination, did a 3 hour flight yesterday and doing a return flight right now, oh wait I noticed something...A free cup of coffee!!!, And first officer got one too!!!, thanks IXEG team:) looks like I might of spilled some during my bumpy landings:) On a serius note, all fine so far Im sure coffee was there before 11.10 ;), only noticed now
  4. Mareckis

    Same trim settings all the time

    Hi Jan, Thanks for a quick and clear response. I just thought when you change the weight and fuel then CG will change accordingly ( randomly for weight distribution). Thanks anyway, Ill play with CG next time on the ground ( flying now:) ).
  5. Hi all, I did quite a few flights with IXEG 737 in different configurations ( weights, fuel ), however what i`ve noticed id that whatever ZFW and fuel i input into FMC i always get a trim settings of 3.4. Every single time, is that correct? Or is it something I`m doing wrong. Not sure what else to write to add more info for those that need to know. Greets
  6. Mareckis

    Unreadable cockpit dials X-Plane 11

    Quick update, Came back home and as advised started playing about with antialiansing settings. Results were promising but still a bit dark and massive Fps drop. However I played about with my screens gamma through graphics card menu and.... SOLVED. I'm enjoying a IXEG 737 in its fullest. Thank you guys for replies
  7. Mareckis

    Unreadable cockpit dials X-Plane 11

    Fair enough, It is not a life breaker, but will probablky go to "steam gauges".
  8. Mareckis

    Unreadable cockpit dials X-Plane 11

    HI, thanks, Im not at home and cant take a screenshot, but comparing to your its similiar but the numbers on engine dials are faded even more and cant see them until zoomed. I tried plugins, removed lua, maybe ill try steam gauges. Nevertheless ill still use IXEG 737 for everyday flying
  9. Hi All, Im very happy owner of a IXEG 737, previously having owned FSX and PMDG I have to say that 737CL from IXEG is fantastic,however in version 1.2 for XPLANE 11 I encountered a problem with eninge dilas and fuel dials being very very dark, and unreadlable even in daytime. I have to zoom in to see. I tried different graphic settings, pretty much all different settings possible , but no difference whatsoever. I tried Lua but no help either. What is weird is that I didnt have this problem in previous versions of 737CL, although not being supported for XP11. Im running my settings on High or Maximum on all graphics options except for reflection details, which are LOW. my PC: i5 3.4Ghz clocked to 4.0Ghz 16GB Ram radeon r9 3GB Ram it runs at 25-40fps Many thanks , and once again thans IXEG for a fantastic development of 737 I always wanted.