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  1. Challenger 300 N330TS

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  3. MASkargo Boeing 767-300F GE WL

  4. No longer sharing new liveries.

  5. flying humour

    Hmm. Ground Vehicle..... would that be the same as swamp gas?
  6. Access Denied to Forum/downloads (all)!

    Yes, but I'm sure one or two of the mods from there are visitors on here too, so info may filter through here.
  7. flying humour

    Cheaper than a divorce - "Here honey, the water's lovely. Time for a swim, don't worry about the noise...."
  8. flying humour

  9. flying humour

    Hmm, I shall have to re-evaluate my belief that UFO's came in peace....
  10. flying humour

  11. flying humour

    When the ATC trainee goes apeshit, he really does it in style....
  12. File Name: Alan Mann G-TPTR Bell 206B File Submitter: Nicola_M File Submitted: 14 Jul 2015 File Category: Helicopters X-Plane Version(s): X-Plane 9 Livery For: Click Here For Aircraft Bell 206B Alan Mann G-TPTR Alan Mann Helicopters (Alan Mann Group) were one of the largest and most respected helicopter companies in the UK aviation industry in the 70s and 80s, based at EGTF Fairoaks and were the main concessionnaires for Agusta, Agusta-Bell and Bell helicopters. Primarily involved in helicopter sales and charter, they also branched out into film and TV work - their helicopters regularly appearing in major films (James Bond) and also as camera platforms. In 2007 Alan Mann Helicopters was sold off and ceased operations in 2011, ending an iconic era of UK aviation. Alan Mann died the following year. G-TPTR, represented here, was written off while filming at a motor industry facility in March 1989. Transitioning at 50ft AGL around a moving vehicle, it entered a vortex condition and landed heavily, rolling onto its side. The severely bent airframe was donated to the International Helicopter Museum at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset and remains there today. Alan Mann was very particular and if a helicopter wasn't spotless, then it didn't fly. In keeping with that ethos: * Damaged Com Radio 2 now replaced with undamaged item and no longer marked "deactivated." * Dirt and grime removed from paint and instruments. Other additions * Side windows re-profiled. * Removed landing gear step. Fitted correct mini steps. * Rivets toned down. * Brow windows now correct green/blue tint. * Tail rotor now correct colour. * Floor mats added to rear cabin * Instrument panel: - - - - Standard, but "as new" - - - - Warning Horn Switch text added - - - - Fuel Extender text added - - - - Radio Callsign G-TPTR label added Click here to download this file
  13. Challenger 300 mods

    Galley underlight added Salon LIT final Original LIT file with: Stair lighting, lavatory mirror reflection, lavatory annunciators, galley underlight & galley drainaway salon_LIT or Salon LIT final + pinstripes Original LIT file with: Stair lighting, lavatory mirror reflection, lavatory annunciators, galley underlight & galley drainaway + pinstripes on cabin walls Salon LIT final +