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  1. jimney

    Pitch nose down in flare

    Nice strategy.
  2. jimney

    Pitch nose down in flare

    Yes,XP11. That is great to hear that will be fixed soon.
  3. Does anybody has same problem with me? Descend rate is normal while AGL 50 to 20ft during flare with well trimmed. But when close to the ground, there is a rapid down trend occurred and i am sure i do not make pitch down by joystick, so have to make additional pull to make descend rate to recover, it is not realistic.
  4. jimney

    license question

    I have two computers, could I install and active IXEG 737 into two machines separately by one license? Or I have to buy another one license to active on second computer, thanks.
  5. jimney

    AirFMC now working with 1.2

    how the things going on?
  6. jimney

    Glide Slope Warning

    I probably know the root reason. Because IXEG will auto saved all setting of last arrival flight. So the ILS would be remained in the next departure flight.hence,GS warning will be occurred after takeoff if arrival and departure port is same one. Change NAV 1/2 freq will solve the problem.
  7. jimney

    Glide Slope Warning

    Same problem. i did not set any ILS before takeoff. is there any special requirement while setting N1 limit?
  8. jimney

    STARS not loading

    same problem, selected STAR and then direct to TRANS......
  9. jimney

    Control reponse settings for XP 11

    18% feel more realistic
  10. jimney

    [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    We do need reflections indeed, thanks.