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  1. Ifikratis

    Gauges reflections

    Thank you very much for the reply Digital Repila Its good that you are aware of that and I will be looking forward in a future for any possible reflection improvement.
  2. Ifikratis

    Gauges reflections

    Hi all, I'd like to thank the developer for this wonderful work and for keep updating this aircraft. So far the only complain that I have is the gauges reflections. I am aware that they can be turned off by clicking on them, however it seems to be that either solution is extreme. The reflections are in my opinion, fogging up the gauges completely, making them near white. On the other hand if I remove the reflection, all the 3D nature of the glass is lost. So, I would like to ask if it would be possible to improve the reflections to be more realistic or to include a third option, so that we have an intermediate reflection solution. If the nature of the reflection cannot be changed, I think something between no reflection and the current reflection would be more pleasant and realistic. Thanks you for your time!
  3. Ifikratis

    Unable to load the aircraft

    Oh! Sorry, and indeed I looked for other similar threads, but my mistake didn't see it. Thank you very much for the reply and support.
  4. Ifikratis

    Unable to load the aircraft

    Hi all, Without realizing the risk, I installed the beta updates and my IXEG 737 became unable to load. I then unticked the betas option during the update and I rolled back to the non-beta version of XP11. However, even after I uninstalled the aircraft and deleted the Gizmo folder, the aircraft is unable to load. I get the following screen. Any ideas?
  5. Ifikratis

    Rotate [was Controls settings]

    Thank you very much for your time and your replies Dear Morten, haven't thought of that..it's very impressive that this is modeled! I'm quite new to X-plane, coming from P3D, I had never experienced this effect on take-off roll. Probably because X-Planes flight dynamics are more advanced. Again, thank you very much for the reply.
  6. Hi all, I'm a happy IXEG 737 Classic v-pilot. I am running XP11 and have a question I'd be glad for your reply. I have noticed that during takeoff roll when I pull my joystick back to rotate, the airplane will nose-up as expected, but after some feet in the air -near instantaneously- it will pitch down..a scary moment, so I have to apply more pitch up input on the elevator to bring the climb rate up again. That's a little weird, and I tried to change the augmentation setting in XP11 but no luck in fixing this. So my question is double: 1) Is this normal behavior? Is it a bug? If its a bug, will it be fixed or there is a fix? 2) What is IXEG recommendation for Controls sensitivity and augmentation settings? I am interested for the most realism of course. My controls hardware is a Logitech T.1600M joystick and MFG rudder pedals. Thank you very much for your time! I'd be really grateful for a reply.