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  1. IXEG 737 log txt

    here is the log txt. Log (1).txt
  2. IXEG 737

  3. IXEG 737

    I am runnung OSX yosemite with the gizmo plugin installed. intel core i5.
  4. IXEG stopped working after updating to X-plane 10.51

    hold on I have downloaded the gizmo plugin but where do i put it
  5. IXEG 737

    Log.txt settings.txt hint_messages.txt Data.txt
  6. Unusable

    thank you
  7. Unusable

    just so you know in the flight I took off from KJFK not on a runway but at the gate Log.txt
  8. Unusable

    having the same problem except in mine the 737 is off i cant get to the gismo menu or the left menu all systems are down i cant press any buttons ground crew is on. however when i select the up and running option in the default x-plane menu the plane will run no sounds no systems and no clicking off buttons available. what I mean by run is the lights are on i can control flight surfaces and throttle. I can take off but ground services are still attached and the engines arent spinning if anyone can get back to us please do.
  9. IXEG 737

    this is a bit confusing so when i close x-plane what do I do next
  10. IXEG 737

    as you can see im a newbie how might i do that
  11. IXEG 737

    HI guys, I recently bought the IXEG 737CL and for some reason it isn't working. I started ready to fly and the engines werent spinning the displays werent working i couldnt press anything and the side menu for ground handling and airplane settings wasnt showing. -jack