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  1. wb5okj

    Tuning the T34C radios?

    Finally remembered, The T34C is 32 bit only, works like a charm when you run it in the right program. LOL
  2. Anyone having the T34C mentor, advise how to get the plugin to tune the radios working, I can't get te plugin to show in X-Plane 10. Plane works beautifully even in X-Plane 11, I just can't get he plugin working in either 10 or 11.
  3. Hello Javier, Will you update the T34C Mentor to X-Plane 11? This is the plane I fly mostly, it works well in X-lane 11 except the radios cannot be tuned a few small things.
  4. wb5okj

    Piper Archer III Announcement

    THANK YOU, I have been waiting for this plane ever since MortonM put it up. Can hardly wait. Donald E. Donovan
  5. wb5okj

    left drift... but joysticks are correct?

    On my CH yoke, I use the rocker switch on the top right yoke handle for left and right aileron, and the button on that handle to center the aileron. I use the rocker switch on the left top yoke handle for the elevator trim and the front button to center trim. i find this more precise than assighning an axis for trim. Many times an axis will be a little noisy, and a bit twitchy for trimming. In X-Plane aileron trim is essential, the only planes that I have that do not need aileron trim, or very little is the F33A Bonanza from Carenado, and the Piper Archer III from MortonM, (an excellent freeware plane), even these still need a bit of aileron trim from time to time. Be aware each time you make a power adjustment you will have to retrim both aileron and elevator trim.
  6. wb5okj

    Work in Progress Renders

    Thanks for the link Goran, I have been a member here from J Rollon, but had forgotton. I'll check the DC 3 out from time to time. I'm sure when you release it, we will all here about it, juging from the intrest shown.