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  1. ayousry

    Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    My experience was with flyinside , Problems was rotating clouds ,i tried your previous suggestions makes it better but still unflyable in VR 11.20b is now very unstable for me to give you a good review but ill try my best and Keep you updated
  2. Hi since xp11.20b is released and LR talking about SDK's that has been sent to developers already , whats the next step for SMP ?! thanks
  3. ayousry

    Any plans for VR support ?!

    How is that?! Many people reporting same problem can you send your settings please?!
  4. ayousry

    Any plans for VR support ?!

    Yes , still i see rotating clouds when i pass through them , only good when looking at them from the ground, also as i rotate my head some clouds disappear and some changes colours , i also tried to decrease the draw distance as suggested by you on another forum
  5. ayousry

    Any plans for VR support ?!

    Its a shame that this amazing weather presentation is gone to waste for me since i only use VR , and i think most VR users will never go back to 2D too. also with the upcoming VR support for xp11 , what i think is that most developers will try to support it. anyways thanks for the reply and i hope you consider looking at it in a future update. as for the technical part , i cant debate with you ofcourse but to my very little info i see default clouds has no problems in VR except performance so i wonder why dont skymaxx pro cant acheive the same
  6. ayousry

    Any plans for VR support ?!

    Hi i just purchased smp4 cause i disnt like the default clouds fps hit in VR while smp4 is amazing on 2d monitor , in VR its unplayable , clouds rotate as you move your head , and sometimes disappears Now is there any plans for VR support specially that native vr is coming soon?! thanks
  7. ayousry

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Just bought smp4, looks fantastic on 2d monitor but as am a VR user i was dissapointed Rotating clouds issue makes it unplayable at all plus sometime clouds dissapear and then apears agint when moving my head are you planning to support VR?! thankd
  8. Hi i ran the windows installer and was completed , now in xp11 when i click xaviation product activation i get a blank window and thats it!! the aircraft doesnt even appear in the list do xp10 and 11 use different lic or whats happening?! btw i have it already installed in xp10 i know its not comapitiable it but everyone is reporting its working in xp11
  9. ayousry

    Touchdown smoothness sound feedback

    Got it , thanks i did a post before about implementing the new failures in xplane11 in IXEG737 with no reply failures like runaway stabilizer ,cockpit smoke and other cool stuff. can you add it for the xplane11 update?! thanks
  10. Hi i real life touchdown sound somehow reflects how smooth you touched down ie if you touched down with 1.7g or 600fpm you hear a loud noise of gears touching down , while if you touched down with something like 100-200fpm you can barely hear the touchdown sound , that the speed brake deployment sound is louder . can this be implemented ?! Thanks
  11. Hi, i hv flown a real 738 for 7 years and always hoped to simulate what i hv for recurrents in a home sim, when i had a look at xplane11 failures section i was amaaazed at what this sim can do . eg. Just try a cockpit smoke !!!wow now i wish these kind of failures be simulated in a well modeled 737 like the IXEG, it will be blast to simulate , throttle stuck or elevator runaway failures in the IXEG737 or even a window crack Can the dev team add that to the xplane11 update?!