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  1. New airbuses?

    Our prayers have been answered it seems. Flight factor is making one!
  2. IXEG 737 Flight group hub

    This is not meant to be a replacement or alternative to IVAO or VATSIM. More like a community hub where people can organise group flights etc easier.
  3. New airbuses?

    I have never owned any of the jar planes. Because of the things i have heard about the systems in them. But hell if jar comes out with a superb airbus which has no issues I'd be happy to buy off them. This maybe unlikely though unfortunately
  4. New airbuses?

    Yeah I hope so. If anyone comes out with a good sophisticated airbus that would great.
  5. Autogate from Marginal

    I don't have xp11 so I can't help you sorry.
  6. So the pilot flying connects for example with a callsign like BAW27AT_OBS and turns his transponder off and the PNF sets his callsign as BAW27AT with transponder active?
  7. Hi all! I have become curious about this. Surely as xsquawkbox does not have an "Observer mode" If both users of a shared cockpit with smart Co pilot the pilots (and controller ) would see two aircrafts? Is there anyway to get rid of your Co pilots model and away that the controller doesn't see traffic warnings etc?
  8. Hello all! I decided to go ahead and make this community hub where you can easily find people to fly with. For now (May be temp or permanent) I have decided to utilize discord for general ease of setting up. To join up its simple, Simply download discord from here: Once downloaded make an account and press this link: To join the server. Further instructions are found there. Please anyone who is interested in group flights and/or shared cockpit flights take a look. You are guaranteed to find at least one person (me :D) The more the join the more people youll have to play with. finally, Keep in mind this is very much WIP and all feedback is appreciated
  9. Autogate from Marginal

    Yes it does
  10. Haha I haven't done one yet I'm afraid. I can never find anyone as I am the only person I know in real life (apart from my flight instructor ) who has a passion for aviation. Thus I thought of this too make it easier for people in situations like myself. Work has already begun. Any suggests please go ahead!
  11. Hello all! I'm setting up this poll to find out if a lot of you would like an area (not in the forum) where all us ixeg pilots can come together and organise dual cockpit flights and fly ins. I have several ideas of how to do this and if there is a demand for it I will set it up. The general premise of the idea is that if someone let's call him bob, wants to fly with a Co pilot to xxxx place he can announce it in this area and another person let's say Charlie, wants to join in as a Co pilot. So Charlie replies to bobs announcement and they proceed to enter a voice chat room (limited to them two only ) and can get it all set up and fly together. Same idea behind the fly in. Please show your interest in the poll, feel free to ask and send feedback
  12. Screenshot Thread

    Was quite rough on the way in . Bad weather front
  13. Will there be an 737 - 800 expansion?

    I wouldn't think so, plus I think the 800 is too automated for me. I like the more rugged 300
  14. Which gauge type? I use steam
  15. What are you using to connect to each other? If it's xsquawkbox you need to make sure he has set his aircraft type correctly