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  1. Gizmo64 causing frame drops up to 15 frames

    I have the IXEG and of course I would prefer to have better fps. If Gizmo64 is disabled, will I still be able to fly with the IXEG 737-300 Classic? Gesendet von meinem SM-G935F mit Tapatalk
  2. So will it work with the XEnviro plugin in the future or impossible? It would definitely be a shame if it doesn't as it in my opinion a very good weather plugin. Gesendet von meinem SM-G935F mit Tapatalk
  3. Hello everyone, I have version 1.2 installed and noticed that the rain effects seems to be a lot less than the last version or is it possibly my GPU settings? Anyone else had this? The screenshot was from today in Frankfurt International Airport EDDF where we did have some rain. BTW., also using Xenviro, version 1.07 as the weather generator.
  4. Transition Altitude

    I've installed the update 1.1, there are nearly no soft crashes now. One thing I noticed is that the push back "nose left" or "nose right" function is not working only "straight". Anyone else experiencing this too?
  5. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    Hello Jan. Would you know if the AI planes of the Plugin World Traffic will show up on the TCAS?
  6. Wingflex

    I came across this video on YouTube of Lufthansa's last 737-300 flight and noticed that there was near to no significant noticeable wingflex. The weather was great, that's possibly why. Maybe in turbulent conditions there's more.
  7. Quick Fuel Planner

    Hello to all IXEG 737-300 pilots out there, I purchased the aircraft and so far like many others been very happy with it. I have however one issue concerning the Quick Fuel Planner. When I've adjusted the slider according to the distance between start and destination of my flight, I then attempt to "apply settings". If I then close that window and open it again, then the distance is back (at 480 nm) to where it was before I adjusted it meaning it seems like my values didn't get saved after I applied settings. Is this possibly a bug? On another occasion I was in the chase view and tried the same but that resulted in my X-plane 10 10.51 just freezing making it impossible for me to get back to the cockpit view and inevitably lead to a CTD. I'm going to deactivate the other plugins I have loaded to see if that changes anything. Otherwise, has anyone had the same problems? Any ideas?
  8. Autogate from Marginal

    I tried at ELLX, somehow i must have done something wrong. It could be that my position was slightly off. Will try again. Thx anyway for the reply. Gesendet von meinem SM-G935F mit Tapatalk
  9. Autogate from Marginal

    Does anyone know if the Autogate Plugin works with the 737 from IXEG?
  10. [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    I updated to 10.50 rc3 beta and the first time I loaded X-plane I (started on the runway 8R of London Gatwick), I had about 27FPS and after taking off it continued with satisfactory FPS (over 25) but I experienced micro stutters again! I exited and loaded X-plane a second time directly after my first attempt. Strangely enough I then only had about max 5 FPS. I immediately exited and loaded X-plane again for the third time and this time enjoyed about 40 FPS which only sunk to about 35 after take off and there were no micro stutters (every 2 to 3 secs).Only now and again for 1 sec or less when weather loads. These results show (at least in my opinion) that I hardly think the IXEG 737-300 is to blame for the micro stutters. What puzzles me are the different results of FPS after each loading and that only after the third loading, things seemed to be fine. Anyone know? Btw, my system is a i7 2700K, 660 ti GPU and 16 GB Ram, so it's not the latest and best hardware for X-plane but good enough for my needs, at least for the time being..
  11. [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    I read somewhere that in some performance and FPS stutter problems, one should delete the preferences. I'm also experiencing micro stutters every 2 or 3 seconds so I deleted the binary pref and restarted X-plane. Now I'm not sure if that helped to temporarily solve my problem of micro stutters because I didn't have any immediately after taxiing and taking off from EGKK. or if it has something to do with different weather conditions with different levels of light