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  1. Custom Waypoint

    How to add сustom waypoint in fmc?
  2. Livery List & Requests

    Hi all! Can someone make a NASA livery?
  3. New crash

    Will be fixed in the next update ?
  4. New crash

    New crash on xp11? GizmoLog.txt Log.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  5. New crash

    What a crash my friend has? Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  6. Try another name for machine.
  7. New crash

    New crash on xp11? GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  8. mouse control

    I mean it
  9. mouse control

    I can't see "plus sign" mouse sign at IXEG 737. In all other aircrafts are perfectly working.
  10. Navigation Data

    Not to start new topic, tell me please, how to gain 1080kHz on automatic direction finder (ADF) ?
  11. Activation

    Hi all, I have fulfilled all the items and jet activated, probably mistake was here X-System folder:'E:\Х10/X10/', case sensitive=0 I install to C:\X-Plane 10 and the problem went away. Thanks to everyone who helped me!
  12. Activation

    I bought a plane and have never flown - what to do, help!
  13. Activation

    I have windows 7( Marketing name ), deleted polish airport, DISABLED antivirus software and installed ONE aircraft. But.......................... LOG Log.txt
  14. Activation

    I sending a ticket to support, but no answer!