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  1. Anti Ice

    Visible on wipes. But in IXEG wing anti-ice not working on ground. And XP11 core begin accumulate ice on wings and eng inlet on aircraft standing on ground in amount of weather conditions - negative temperature, heavy precipitations, strong headwind. I wrote it to Jan several months ago, what in other models of 733 is possible to use wing AI on ground, as indicated in Boeing OM.
  2. Not understand clearly, that system affected due hot bat bus failure via IXEG failures panel. For me its nothing. From this schem http://www.b737.org.uk/schematic-elec.htm hot bat bus energizes APU starter, APU fire exting-r, fire exting-r L & R, but all that systems working due hot bat bus fail.
  3. 1.1 N1 Setting Bugs Not Working plus others

    IXEG needs XPUIPC to work? Don't think so.
  4. [XP10/11]Push Back Problem

    Confirm, pushback not working for sides, wheels not moving, but all work with other push - like python ground service for example
  5. Wait that knob more than 1 year. Like to approach slightly below g/s ))) Unable to assign joy knob to "Below g/s knob", unable found the dataref. Is that possible?
  6. Сan't get used to Auto Throttle

    По эти причинам FCTM не рекомендует ручные заходы с выключенным АТ, так как он имеет свойство тупить ))
  7. Cool addons for the IXEG:

    Very cool thing http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/34847-materials-ng-reflection-mapping-ixeg-b737-300/
  8. Icing

    Visual clue exist. Observe wipers.

    Noticed also, in high ambient temp (Alice Springs YBAS +39 1800 ASL) full TOGA thrust actuated by AT not more than 84,8. Only recycle N1 limit on N1 page in CDU can fix that.

    Its correct. Thrust depend on OAT and pressure on tkf field (feet AGL). But it shouldn't exceed maximum values of 81,4 at -40 Cel OAT 0 AGL and 79,6 at -50 OAT 0 AGL all the way, isn't it? In IXEG FMC logic derates of TO thrust relate to N1 values linear: 106 N1 max - 25 % - 84,8 N1 min. Or in this conditions - below -40 Cel OAT needs to use manual takeoff thrust set?

    Noticed that N1 derated thrust can't be dropped below 84,9 value, not in auto N1 mode, nor in manual n1 bug mode. Noticed it in winter flight, then d-to values really low. We believe FCOM: It means, that -20 OAT we can reduced TO thrust to 25 % - 84,8 - 25 % = 63,6 N1 And it means, that -40 OAT shouldn't be more than 81,4 - 82,1 in UNEE (880 AGL), but we can see this: And -50 OAT not more than 79,6 In high ambient temp and N1 higher 84,8 all works fine. That should be correct. Thanks.
  12. vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

  13. Its full fuel load in sim - 16 tonnes. Gauges shows that the refueling is incomplete by 1/10. Its seen better on fuel gauges check: Max values as it should be. FCOM says this: There is the truth? ))) If it is full amount of fuel, why gauges shows incomplete refueling? P.S. 2000 nm for me is max range, by the way i need to use reserve fuel in that flight.
  14. Band a button to TOGA?

    There is no mapping key 'ixeg/733/autopilot/TOGA ' map it to default xplane TOGA